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Videos of GreySave and Greyhounds

The first set of videos below feature GreySave greyhounds, events, and people. Greyhounds in Film and TV is a list of classic and contemporary portrayals of greyhounds in film.


GreySave Homecoming

• View a three-minute video of our homecoming on November 7, 2011. It shows most of what we do at our greyhound homecomings, at which we take in dogs from the track and prepare them for their foster homes. You'll also see our new van making its first delivery of dogs. You can view the video here. Thanks to Bill Santoro for putting it together!



Christmas Music Video

GreySave adopter and performer Anthony Maglione features dogs of GreySave owners in his "I'll Be Home For Christmas" music video. Click here for the YouTube video.



GreySave on the K9 Corner TV Show

Above is a 5-minute excerpt from K9 Corner, a TV show produced by the City of Torrance. This episode is for August, 2012. It features four GreySave greyhounds that were in foster homes at the time: Adele, Joey Camaro, Magilla, and Cupcake. All have since been adopted.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, you can access on the City of Torrance's website below. The GreySave segment begins at the 6:40 mark.



GreySave on YouTube's Pet Collective Channel

GreySave dogs JJ and Magilla are featured on April and December, 2012 videos released on the YouTube channel The Pet Collective.

• JJ is featured on a series called "My Forever Home: Stories of Adoption." His segment shows him with his new family, and includes comments by his new dad, Jerome Abraschinsky, and by GreySave President Cathy Kibburtz. You can view JJ's video here.

• Magilla is part of a series called "The Unadoptables." You will see Magilla playing with his foster family and interviews with his foster parents, Bonnie and Jim Jeffers, and with Cathy Kibburtz. You can view Magilla's video here. In December 2012 they released a follow-up to that story, showing Magilla in his new home with Bill and Jan and his greyhound buddy, Adele (another GreySave dog). View Tails of Hope - Magilla the High Prey Greyhound on YouTube.

Those Goofy GreySave Dogs!
Here are two fun videos of GreySave greyhounds on the PetCollective Channel. The PetCollective folks filmed these videos while filming the Magilla video above. They're about a minute long. They feature the Jeffers' greyhounds Artemis (the red fawn), Diana (brindle with white), Cassie (white), Lucius (brindle with blue collar), and fosters Winnie (black with pink collar) and Magilla (black with blue collar).

• "Just Chewing Greyhounds"

"Greyhounds Eating Peanut Butter"



Greyhounds in Film and TV

Greyhounds and Hollywood just go together, and why not? We present these films solely to show how greyhounds have found a place in the entertainment industry. The listings below do not represent an endorsement by GreySave of any of these films, or of their stances toward dog racing, pro or con.

If you decide to buy any of these videos on Amazon, remember to click the Amazon icon in the left column of this webpage to go to Amazon and GreySave will get a portion of the sales price.

Greyhounds as Lead Actors

• The Runaway, 1962, is about Felipe (Roger Mobley), a boy living in a Mexican bordern town who steals a greyhound puppy from the kennel where he worked. A priest (Cesar Romero) rescues the boy from his circumstances. He trains the greyhound, "Mike," to be a champion racer before the legal owner is discovered. Rights issues prevented the film from being released in theatres, but it is shown on cable television periodially. Produced by Arthur N. Rupe, directed by Claudio Guzman. 85 minutes.

• Greta the Misfit Greyhound, aired February 3, 1963 on the Wonderful World of Disney TV show. A racing greyhound leaves the track and experiences exiting adventures on the way to finding a new family with a group of shepherds. Incidents include Greta defending the family from a bear and hunting down a coyote. The film was produced and directed by Larry Lansburg as a

• Race for Survival, aired March 5, 1978 on the Wonderful World of Disney TV show. From Disney's description: "When a pilot is hurt in a plane crash in the middle of the African veldt, his only hope is his greyhound, Smokey. With an S.O.S. attached to his collar, Smokey must cross the dangerous wilderness for help. His odyssey is filled with twists and turns ... especially his encounter with Simba, an old, run-down lion, that turns into a memorable friendship." The film was packaged with another Disney feature, "Three on the Run," about a dogsled race, on a VHS videotape called "Three on the Run." It is no longer available from Disney, but used tapes may be available on Ebay. 95 minutes.

Greyhounds in Supporting Roles

Many films and TV shows have featured brief glimpses of greyhounds. I chose the ones below either because greyhounds figure more largely into the plot, or because the films are well-known.

• Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter, 1968, starring Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits, was about a greyhound ("Mrs. Brown") owned by Noone's character. They take the grey to England to compete in the English Derby. Available on Amazon. 95 minutes.

• Coupe de Ville, 1990, with Patrick Dempsey, has a long greyhound race sequence, shot at the Derby Lane track in St. Petersburg, Florida. Available on Amazon. 98 minutes.

• Pride and Prejudice, 1996 BBC miniseries, briefly shows two greyhounds as Darcy's pets. Available on Amazon. 300 minutes.

• The Getaway, 1998 remake with Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, of the Steve McQueen classic. Doc and Carol McCoy attempt to rob an Arizona greyhound track, and flee to Mexico when the plan goes wrong. It was filmed at the Tampa, Florida greyhound track. Available on Amazon. 115 minutes.

Luther, 2004, with Joseph Fiennes. The pope is shown hunting with a pack of greyhounds. Available on Amazon. 123 minutes.

• The Simpsons TV show includes in many episodes an animated greyhound, Santa's Little Helper, as the family dog. He's featured, among other episodes, in "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," episode 1 of season 1, and in "Bart's Dog Gets an F," episode 16 of season 2. Both episodes are available on Amazon.

• All Creatures Great and Small, the BBC miniseries based on the James Herriot stories, shows a greyhound as one of the veterinarians' pets. In the third season episode, "Home and Away," originally broadcast on March 1, 1980, James serves as the Duty Vet, inspecting greyhounds at a local track. This episode is available on Amazon.