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Navigating the GreySave Website from a Touch-Screen Device

You can use a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet to access all parts of the GreySave website. Everything works the same way it does on a desktop or laptop computer except for the drop-down menus.

To get the drop-down menus to work from a touch-screen device, you need to press twice (not "double-click," see below) on a link instead of the normal single press. Let's say you want to see the dogs available for adoption from your mobile device. You:

1. Touch the "adopt" label to make the drop-down menu pop up.

2. Touch the name of the page you want to view, in this case "adoptable greyhounds." The box of your selection will change from black to white and the lettering will change from white to black. Note that pressing twice does not mean "double-tap." You need to tap once and wait for the box to be highlighted before tapping again (step 3).

3. Now press your selection again to go to that page. Note that sometimes you have to press a couple of times for your tap to register.

We are working on a fix to make the drop-down menus work normally on a touch-screen device. In the meantime the procedure above works reliably. We're sorry for the inconvenience.