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Check out the links below for a variety of products, services, and information. Most of the companies below donate part of their proceeds to greyhound adoption. Note that GreySave does not sponsor any of these sites and is not responsible for their claims or products.

Dog Apparel and Supplies

Greyt Threads - Custom Digitizing and Embroidery business. Greyt Threads can put the GreySave logo on any of the clothes it sells. Mention GreySave, and they'll donate 10 percent to GreySave. They also have a lot of greyhound-themed clothing.

Victoria Peak - Dog Beds Dogs Love.

K-9 Designs by Sharee and Posh Paw Creations: The Sighthound and All Breed Connection. A portion of their profits go to greyhound adoption.

Voyagers K9 Apparel - Quality canine wear designed for greyhounds, and other sighthounds, since 1993. Mention GreySave when you order and we will receive a portion of your purchase!

Cottage Hound Designs - Coats, fleeces, pajamas plus the Donation Dog coats

Hound Togs - Coats, Slickers and Snoods for Your Sight hound   

Greytwear - Now you can purchase a wide variety of greyhound wearables, anytime & anywhere! Take a look at these fashions. They will instantly identify you as a 'greyt' greyhound friend.  At Greyt wear, we *specialize* in Greyt greyhound T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps, Jackets, and Ladies apparel.

Toastie Coats and Paws - Greyhounds, Whippets, & IG's Custom Made Dog Coats and booties.

Northwind Whippets and Collars -This site will offer you unique dog collars, general information on whippets and specific information on Northwind Whippets.

Furry Baby Fashions - Fashionable neck ware for your furry friends.

2 Hounds Design - Martingale and buckle dog collars and leashes.

Cozy Creature - Plush fleece jackets and blankets. Also has a t-shirt shop with nine original greyhound designs and created some other fun greyhound products too. - Your personalized Pet I.D. that includes your pet’s picture and other information you would like included.

Smile Dog Clothing - Custom and ready-to-wear doggie clothes
for dogs of ALL sizes.

Pet-Pac - "The pet survival and travel pack." Are you ready? It is up to each of us to be prepared for our family's safety which includes our animals. A PET-PAC will allow you a single location for all the items needed for up to four days. PET-PAC will reduce or eliminate many emergency preparation planning steps critical in providing for your four-legged family members in the aftermath of catastrophic events. Photo above right.

Wild Things for Greys - Want your greyhound to be the talk of the town? The best dressed? Then you have come to the right place to shop for your luxurious greyhound. Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Versace, Burberry fabrics available for jackets, rain slickers, and visors. Rain or shine, faux suede, faux fur coats, pajamas, and day coats available. Designer apparel for your Greyhounds reasonably priced. Check out designer fashions for your Greyhounds at

Silk Road Collars - a collar to you, a wardrobe to your dog. We offer you a spectacular line of Canine Collars (and much, much, more).We specialize in Sighthound Collars and attire! Each collar is lined for maximum security and comfort. We use soft plush felt, which provides comfort and security.

Wiggles Wags & Whiskers – American manufacturer of no-pull harnesses, martingale collars and leashes both plain and decorative

Debbey Bartos Custom Dogwear - Wide, fur-lined martingale collars and stunning beaded necklaces for your special hounds! Some fabulous goodies and accessories for humans as well.

Wag Tail Farms - Home of the Neck Hug Soft E-Collars. Designed with your pet's comfort in mind, the "Neck Hug" collar prevents access to surgical site and provides an ultra-soft pillow to encourage your pet to rest while recuperating.

Dog Food and Treats

Natural Balance dog food and treats.

Doggie-Doodles  -  Fresh bake collection of delicious all natural treats, providing healthy treat options for dogs because we understand how truly important they are.



Northcoast Greyhounds - Unique items and Unusual Jewels.  100% goes to Greyt causes.

Greyhound Topia Jewelry - Beautiful sterling silver greyhound jewelry. Located within the GreySave Store, with all proceeds going to GreySave. All jewelry is custom designed by an A/S gold/silver jewelry designer and 100% sterling silver. Our goals are to raise money for greyhound adoption by donating all profits to the greyhound group where we are selling the jewelry. We design and sell jewelry that will help market greyhounds and when a buyer wears the jewelry, they will be helping the public to gain interest in our beautiful dogs. We keep the mark-up low so the jewelry is affordable, yet high quality. Contact: Sharon Higgins. Website:


FargosMom - Greyhound photos and unique portraits.

Greyhound Studies! - A site devoted to greyhounds, art and Winston!  Learn about greyhounds in art thru the ages. Find out what books to read and what movies to watch if you're a greyhound lover.


Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic Veterinary Dental Service (NAVDS)
NAVDS has specialized in preventative dental care for dogs and cats for nearly 20 years. It offers non-anesthetic dental cleanings as a safe, affordable alternative to standard anesthetic-based cleanings. By combining extensive training and Houndstooth’s gentle handling techniques, its technicians are able to effectively clean both above and below the gum line and polish while your pet remains alert and comfortable. For information about their service and dental care topics, call 310-835-1919, 818-309-8849 or 877-309-8849, or go to:

Recommended Vets
Go to our vet referral page: Veterinarians in Southern California Recommended by GreySave

Hope for Hounds Cancer Research -

Greyt Health - Dr. Suzanne Stack, DVM. Especially helpful are the articles on Osteosarcoma, Thyroid, and Greyhound Bloodwork.

Resources for Greyhound Owners and Veterinarians - Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


Dog Services

Solutions! Pet Services - Dog trainer specializing in positive reinforcement training. Its mission: Providing organized, professional, and passionate dog training for pet families using my training, intuition, empathy, and sensitivity with animals to bridge the communication gap between owner and pet.

Liebe Airedales of Southern California - Bed, bath and breakfast for all social dogs in Riverside, CA.

Tails A Wag Inn is a bed and breakfast inn for dogs in Anaheim Hills.

OC Pet Companions is a professional pet sitting company that cares for your pet in your home. It serves all of Orange County.

Pet Sitters, Inc. – Serving Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Glendale, Eagle Rock, Pasadena and South Pasadena. Email Art Habershaw at: or call 323-719-6002.

Easing Paw Animal Therapy in Monrovia works with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other large and small animals of all ages. The focus is on preventative, non-invasive, non-medicated, restorative therapy. Therapies include Healing Touch, Pet Message, Ttouch, Reiki, and Acupressure. Easing Paw is also available for house calls (travel charges may apply).Contact Annette Ramseyer at or at 626-391-6356. Website:



America's Family Pet Expo - held every April at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The 2009 dates are April 17, 18, and 19, and GreySave will be there once again. Go to the Pet Expo website for more info about the event:

Suzie Illustrator - Susan Collins is an illustrator and graphic designer. She donates a portion of all greyhound-related sales, such as her greyhound decals, to support greyhound cancer research., America's Finest Pet Doors by Patio Pacific, Inc. - You'll find a variety of pet doors for your greyhound, as well as for just about any dog or cat.

Greyhound Gang Greyhound Adoption of Utah offers a lot of info about greyhounds and also some unique items for you and your hound.

CG Magazine - The Greyhound Project Publishes CG Magazine (formerly Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine) and the famous annual "Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar." You'll find a wealth of information on why and how retired racing greyhounds can make wonderful pets!

Much More Than Me makes t-shirts for people. It emphasizes the concept of giving back and awareness of others through acts of compassion and kindness, especially concerning adopted dogs. Much More Than Me will give GreySave a portion of proceeds from sales via this link.

The National Greyhound Association - the governing body of Greyhound racing in the United States.  It sells Greyhound accessories (muzzles, squawkers, blankets, etc.) geared toward the racing kennel but also useful for owners of retired greys. Their site tells how to obtain your dog's official racing history by mailing in the ear tattoo numbers. For a price, you can even receive a certificate identifying you as the official registered owner of your dog.

Greyhound-Data - a database contains more than 1.3 milliion pedigrees and has been online since 1999. Breeding enthusiasts and owners of adopted Greyhounds use this site to search for the race history or relatives of their dogs. See our Tracing your Greyhound's Lineage page for more info about using this site. Everybody can add their dogs to the database and upload pictures.

Rosnet Greyhound Racing - Enter your dog's full racing name under "Greyhound Data" and find his or her birthday, parents, littermates and racing history, complete with commentary such as "Bumped, inside", "Led all the way" or the dreaded "No factor." This is a free site, and records can be incomplete.

Greyhound Novels by Cindy Victor - Leo, A Greyhound's Tale and Leo in China: A Greyhound's 2nd Tale are written for adults and older children. They are available from Amazon and other online booksellers. But on direct orders of signed books from the website below, the author will donate at least 20% of the proceeds to GreySave (when you request this). The donation is 20% on 1 to 4 books, 30% on 5 to 9 books, and 40% on 10 or more books. Read reviews, chapter titles, and excerpts, and buy the books, at:

Bernadette Hileman, Animal Communicator….Connecting with their love
Find out what plans your grey has for this summer by sharing a special 15-minute reading with the animal communicator. Animal Communicator Bernadette Hileman will offer 15-minute readings at the picnic for $30 each. Call Bernadette for an appointment at 562-857-8917 or send an email to:

Heart-Magic - Heartfelt Communication between Pets and Their People
Our animals speak to us in a variety of ways – through pictures, words, and sensations. The one constant is the loving wave of emotion that our precious pets send to us. It is through this emotion that you are able to connect and clearly understand, with your heart, how your pet feels and relates to his or her world. This is truly “Heart-Magic.”

I Love Dogs - Vitamins, Supplements, News, and Advice. I Love

Pet Door Concepts - Since 1992, Pet Door Concepts has been specializing in custom pet doors for walls, doors, French doors, glass and electronic pet doors for your dog or cat. We are the only source for pet doors with extensive product installation background, We are an authority with installation experience.

EasyTurf - Now You Can Have a Dog AND a Beautiful Lawn! Imagine…a lawn that is clean, low maintenance, safe from dog wear and tear, and available 365 days a year! That's right--with FieldTurf artificial grass for pets from EasyTurf, your yard will be a beautiful area for your dogs every day without the hassles and expense of maintaining a natural lawn. Come by and see our display at the picnic. Check out testimonials from these happy clients: VCA Emergency Animal Hospital, San Diego Humane Society, Helen Woodward Animal Center, and more:

Crackerdog Photography - Custom photography of greyhounds and other animals by Steve.