GreySave's main goal is to find the right home for the right dog--and to find the right dog for the right home. To help GreySave do this, please fill out this application completely and accurately, with as much detail as possible. Note that providing a less than ideal answer to a question below doesn't necessarily mean that you will not be allowed to adopt a greyhound. The Adoption Representative who contacts you will use this application as a basis for dialogue and creative solutions.

Greyhound adopters can anticipate 10 or more years of joy with their dog. Because of this, adopters need the financial ability to care for their dog as needs arise, and need to provide stable and secure living arrangements. Students, though they may be responsible persons, often have little money, move frequently, and share homes with other students that come and go. As such they may not be able to offer sufficient long-term financial support and home stability for a greyhound.

Be sure to read How to Adopt a Greyhound from GreySave on this website before completing the application below.

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Household Information
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4. Do you own or rent?
5. If renting, do you have your landlord's permission and/or does your lease allow large dogs?
6. Are you willing to provide a copy of your lease agreement if requested?
7. Landlord or property manager's contact information:
8. If you move, will your greyhound go with you?
9. Do any members of your household have pet-related allergies?
10. Number of adults in your household:
Relationship to applicant:
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4th Adult:
11. Describe the activity level of your household.
12. List the ages of any children in your household.
13. Hours adults are gone during the day (how long would the greyhound be alone?):
14. Does your family anticipate any major lifestyle changes in the next year? (select all that apply)
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Job change
New Baby
If you answered "other", please describe:
15. What type of fence do you have?
If you answered "other," please explain your answer.
16. What is the height of the fence?

17. If you do not have a fenced yard, are you or another adult member of the household willing and able to walk your greyhound on a leash 3 to 5 times a day to relieve itself?

Pet Information
18. Do you own a cat or cats?

19. If yes, where do your cats live? (Please mark all that apply.)

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Indoors only Indoors and outdoors
Outdoors only Indoors w/special cat room
20. List the types and ages of other animals currently in your household.
21. Please tell us about your previous animals, how long you had them, and what happened to them.
22. Describe briefly any negative experience you, your partner, or children have had with a dog.
23. If you have ever given up a pet (i.e. gave it away, relinquished to a shelter, etc.), explain why.
Your New Greyhound
24. Where will your greyhound be while you are gone during the day?
25. Who will be the primary caregiver(s) for your greyhound?
26. Are you prepared to provide a permanent home for a greyhound for the next 10 - 15 years?
27. What access will the greyhound have to the yard?
28. Why did you choose a greyhound for a possible pet?
29. How would you rate your familiarity with the greyhound breed? (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being very familiar)
30. If your greyhound needs additional help in adjusting to home life, are you willing to seek help in working through the problem?
31. Would you be willing to learn how to provide behavior and obedience training for your new greyhound?
32. What circumstances would justify giving up your greyhound (or any other dog)? (Please mark all that apply.)
  Yes No   Yes No
Biting Shyness
Growling Moving
Barking House Remodel
Chewing Having a child
Digging Rough with children
Destructiveness Other
Marking / Housebreaking issues      
If other, please describe:
33. Give the name, address, and phone number of your veterinarian:
34. If you do not have a vet now, are you willing to seek out a greyhound-knowledgeable vet?
35. Are you interested in fostering a greyhound?
36. Are you interested in fostering or adopting a special-needs greyhound?
37. How did you find out about GreySave?
If other, please describe:
I agree that my greyhound's career as a racer is over.
I agree to keep my greyhound solely as a house pet, and agree never to use it for racing, hunting, or research/experiments.

I agree to notify GreySave immediately if my greyhound is lost or stolen.

In the event that problems develop that prevent me from keeping this greyhound, I shall contact GreySave immediately and will never give, sell, or otherwise surrender the greyhound to any other individual, rescue group, animal control facility or shelter, or to any company or organization other than GreySave or its authorized representative.

I agree to keep a collar bearing identification and the GreySave tag on my greyhound at all times.

I agree to use a proper martingale-style collar on my greyhound, and to never let my greyhound off-leash in an unfenced area.

I agree to regularly vaccinate my dog and provide necessary flea/tick/heartworm preventative, per my veterinarian's recommendations.

I agree to allow GreySave to do a phone interview and home visit prior to adoption.

I am willing and able to provide the necessary funds to care for my greyhound's daily needs, as well as any health or medical needs that may arise.

GreySave will follow up periodically by telephone or in person to track the progress of your greyhound and to help with any problems or questions that may arise. I agree to this follow-up procedure.

I agree to inform GreySave of any change of address or phone number (for contact purposes in case my dog is ever lost or found).

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* By typing my name in the following box, I certify that all the information contained in this application is true and correct, and that I agree to abide by the agreements listed above. I also certify that all members of the household are in total agreement with this adoption.

Please review all your answers carefully and make sure all questions are answered before clicking submit. Please allow at least 7 days from receipt of application for a response from GreySave. If you have not received a call within 7 days, please contact the adoption line at 866-GREY-SAVE (866-473-9728).

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