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J. J.: From Life Support to Poster Boy

JJJ. J. is a tall, good-looking, soft blue brindle boy. He started life in Arizona in March, 2008, as Primed AZ Jaelen, a racing greyhound. He ran first at the Phoenix track. He was moved to Tucson when Phoenix closed in December, 2009. He did quite well at both tracks, competing in 179 races before suffering a career-ending, and almost life-ending, injury during a race. The operator of his kennel called GreySave the next morning to say that he had a greyhound with an undiagnosed but severe internal injury. He told us that the track vet said the only solution was euthanasia. We didn’t want to believe that, so we sent a GreySave volunteer to Tucson, who rushed Jaelen (we later changed his name to J. J.) back to a greyhound-experienced veterinarian in California.

JJWhen we picked up J. J., blood was leaking into his painfully-swollen right rear leg and oozing through his skin, and he was urinating what looked like blood. We’ve seen a lot of serious injuries, but this really looked scary! As J. J. rested in the back of the SUV with his traveling companion, Wkb Flying Betsy, he panted, lifted his head every so often, and at one point stood up to supervise the driving. All during the trip he was a true stoic greyhound athlete and never complained about his condition. (Right: J. J. at GreySave Homecoming)

The next two weeks were very tense. The vets could not locate the source of the bleeding, despite their best efforts and numerous tests. At times the bleeding would subside only to start up again. Then when it became obvious that J. J. was not going to survive unless they found the bleeder, they decided to remove his leg. Within hours of his surgery, J. J. was up and walking (more like hopping), eating like a champ, and showing everyone his loving personality. Then the day before J.J. was to come back from the vet, a very special foster home, that only takes in special needs greyhounds, miraculously appeared to take him. In a few short months since his fateful accident at the track, J. J. has gone from a track statistic to GreySave’s 2012 Benefactor Fund poster boy.

JJJ. J. is only one of the many injured or sick greyhounds that GreySave has taken into the program over the years. The cost of care for J. J. and other injured, sick, or special needs greyhounds is far beyond that of a healthy track greyhound. GreySave believes that saving special needs greyhounds like J. J. is a significant part of our mission so long as we can get the funding to do so. And based on past experience, our benefactors and volunteers agree! GreySave understands that the only way this happens is through the loving kindness of the foster homes that take in special needs greyhounds and the donations of our very special benefactors. (Left: J. J. shortly after surgery)

JJ and fosterUnfortunately our costs continue to rise, as the table below shows. The average costs to GreySave of placing both healthy and special needs greyhounds have risen dramatically. As you can see, our adoption fee of $275 doesn’t even cover the average cost of placing a healthy track greyhound. Also the percent of special needs greyhounds we take in is going up every year. We think this is because the two remaining tracks in the West, Caliente and Tucson, are having trouble getting new dogs and so run the current dogs longer and release them at an older age. (Right: J. J. in his foster home)

Greyhounds Brought into GreySave


Special Needs Greys:
Number -- %

Average Cost Per
Healthy Dog
Average Cost Per
Special Needs Dog
2006 1 – 7% $478 $1,608
2007 8 – 8% $370 $3,248
2008 14 – 10% $439 $3,777
2009 14 – 10% $448 $3,538
2010 14 – 12% $504 $4,189
2011 15 – 18% $620 $3,725
10 - 19% $630 $3,958

JJ and JeromeRight: J. J. was adopted by Jerome in May, 2012. J. J. is featured on a YouTube channel called The Pet Collective. He's part of a series called "My Forever Home: Stories of Adoption." Jerome talks about fostering J. J. You can view J.J.'s video by clicking here.

Why have costs gone up? Much of the change is due to variables beyond our control, such as:

  • escalating veterinary, lab and medicine costs
  • increasing numbers of special needs dogs
  • increasing numbers of otherwise healthy dogs with less serious, chronic medical issues (old fractures, broken toes, cancers, and skin conditions)
  • increasing numbers of bounce-back dogs, usually older and often needing veterinary care

How You Can Help

You can help give injured dogs like J. J. a life they never could have imagined by contributing to GreySave’s Benefactor Fund. All monies contributed to the Benefactor Fund go directly to fix injuries to our hounds. We know that with help from dedicated supporters like you GreySave will be able to continue to take in any track-weary greyhound whether young or old, healthy or sick. See below for suggested levels of donations.

Thank you sincerely,

The Hounds of GreySave


Become a GreySave Benefactor

Benefactor donations at all levels below include:

• GreySave benefactor decal
• Acknowledgement of your donation for tax purposes
• Your name added to the GreySave Benefactor Walk of Fame on our website

Additional gifts are offered for donations at the levels below:

BrindleBrindle Level: $50

• One free admission to a major GreySave event* plus five raffle tickets.

FawnFawn Level: $100

• Two free admissions to the next major GreySave event* plus five raffle tickets.

Black and whiteBlack & White Level: $250

• Two free admissions to the next two major GreySave events* plus 10 raffle tickets at each event.

• One free spa treatment at a Spa Day or Homecoming Day.


RedRed Level: $500

• Two free admissions to the next two major GreySave events* plus 15 raffle tickets at each event.

• Two free spa treatments at a Spa Day or Homecoming Day.

• A free limited edition GreySave embroidered polo shirt. **


BlueBlue Level: $1,000 or more

• Two free admissions to the next two major GreySave events* plus 25 raffle tickets at each event.

•Two free spa treatments at a Spa Day or Homecoming Day.

• A free limited edition GreySave embroidered jacket **


* Fall Social or Spring “Race to the Park” Picnic
** We will contact you for size information.


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GreySave is a completely volunteer-staffed Southern California-based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Benefit Charity. All donations made to GreySave are tax deductible. GreySave is supported through fundraising events and donations/gifts from individuals, organizations and businesses.