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The greyhounds featured below have been adopted since January 1, 2014 (most recent adoptions at the top).

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KelseyKelsey -- Adopted and living in Covina
Racing Name: Kelsos Caviar
Age: 4 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/TBD

Kelsey is doing great. She is a very friendly sweet girl and loves getting pets from every person she meets. She seems to get along with every dog she meets big or small but she's a little too excited about the cats walking by. She has started following us around wherever we go like our shadow. Kelsey is very playful and loves toys of any kind especially the ones that squeak. She has a great appetite and has a bad habit of finishing the other grey's food but she's learning to wait until he's done eating to lick out his bowl. She doesn't seem to have a problem with separation anxiety but is always happy to see us when we get home. Foster mom Leslie


JakeJake -- Adopted and living in Pasadena
Racing Name: Mega Jinette
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Jake is a happy, happy boy!! He loves his toys, gets along well with his 5 other pack members and enjoys attention from his foster family. There is usually a bit of play between Jake and 2 or 3 of the others mid-afternoon—then it is time for the pre-dinner nap. He is thrilled when the leash comes out and has gone on numerous home visits, where he will usually settle within a few minutes. He stands right beside the driver in the van, monitoring traffic and making sure no laws are broken. He is getting very good at playing with his humans and he LOVES it when we act silly and goofy with him--on the floor, in a play bow, he thinks we are one of the pack! He is still a little reserved when meeting new people but it won’t take him long to fall in love with his new family once he is adopted. He is a curious guy—investigating yard activities and neighborhood noises—but he can also go off by himself and snooze. His ideal home will have another dog that likes to play and a little yard space for him to sun himself, with free access outside when no one is home. Foster mom Deb.


ThorThor -- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: Kiowa Tat Tori
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Thor is a great guy! He is friendly and really loves the attention of his human companion. He lives with an older greyhound named Nate and they get along well. Thor is quick to wag his tail and to greet humans yet still whimpers a bit when sees other dogs while on his walk. He mastered the dog door in less than 2 weeks and is house trained. Thor loves playing with toys, although they don't last long and he loves to remove the squeakers from them in record time. Thor is a good eater and can be vocal at times when anxiously awaiting a treat. He's delightful and smart. On walks he is a good listener and pulls less and less with each passing week. Foster mom LaVonne.


ConnieConnie -- Adopted and living in Long Beach
Racing Name: Kiowa Coin Pride
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: F Color: Light brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Connie is a gentle girl with expressive eyes and goofy ears. With her beautiful light brindle coat, she is quite striking. She gets along very well with our two resident greyhounds and little dogs, a Frenchie and a Chihuahua mix. She watches while the small ones run around and play. She does not seem to want to run with the other greys but is content at this point to just watch them run. She is a pretty calm and quiet girl. Connie is respectful of the resident house cats. We feel she could be an only dog. Connie rides well in the car and walks very nicely on a leash. She caught on quite quickly to go out with the other dogs for potty time. Connie has shown no signs of separation anxiety and enjoys a nap while we are out. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm which seemed to be directly overhead. The loud claps of thunder did not bother her at all. Connie goes to work with me and makes a wonderful office dog. She enjoys meeting new people, very quickly making new friends. Foster mom Linda.


JimmyJimmy -- Adopted and living in Whittier
Racing Name: WW's Jumbojookia
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Red fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Jimmy is very young, and apparently had no interest in racing. It's obvious watching him in his foster home that he thinks there are a million things to do that are more fun than running around a circular track! He is tall and beautiful, though he also reminds me of a baby giraffe, whose legs seem too long for him. Jimmy lives with a female dobie, a boxer mix, and an older greyhound and gets along well with all! He learned to use the dog door within five minutes and never had one accident in the house! Jimmy is a very enthusiastic eater, and has to be reminded about counter surfing, though his favorite thing to steal is fruit, and he's very funny as he trots guiltily through the house with an apple in his mouth! He rides well in the car, walks very sedately on a leash , though he's not a fan of long walks. Jimmy greets visitors with enthusiasm, and often stands on his hind legs in his excitement! He would make a cheerful, playful addition to any home, but really needs another dog to live with- preferably another grey, but any medium to large size dog who would like to join him at playtime! He would also require a supply of squeaky toys which he is growing increasingly fond of! Foster mom Judy.


MightyMitey -- Adopted and living in Fontana
Racing Name: Mitey Solovar
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Mitey is a lovable pup who adores being with his people all the time. He follows his foster mom from room to room and wants to go outside with her even if she's just taking out the trash! Mitey's absolutely crazy about being brushed with the handheld grooming tool! He smiles, wiggles, and chatters his pleasure. Mitey also enjoys his regular walks. He is walked quite often as he is a young dog with quite a bit of energy. He occasionally gets a little excited when he sees another dog but generally does quite well on a leash. Mitey sleeps well through the night and whines in the morning when he needs to go out to potty. Mitey is house trained but he may require a few reminders when he arrives at his forever home. Mitey loves to carry and play with toys in the house. His favorite thing is to pick them up and move them from room to room. It's really adorable to watch him rearrange his things around the house. Mitey lives with 2 other greyhounds, a shepherd mix, and a whole bunch of cats and everyone gets along well. He has met some small dogs while out and is fine with them, too. Mitey is still quite puppy-like and he plays like one, too. He's bouncy and a lot of fun to engage with. He loves playing with the other greyhounds in the house. Foster mom Maggie.


MorkMork -- Adopted and living in Huntington Beach
Racing Name: Barts Why Mork
Age: 3 3/4 Sex: M Color: White and black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

True to the breed this wonderful grey has his own unique personality and tail. Mork will greet most strangers with a quick little bark, his way of saying “Hello! Who are you?” When you come home he has started to discover he has a “roo” hidden somewhere inside of him. He's somewhat shy and takes a few minutes him warm up to new people. He quickly fit into our foster pack of three female greyhounds. He has yet to meet a stufft toy that he does not like. You will always find them in his bed, as according to Mork they are a must when it comes time for a nap or at night. He insists on keeping the toy basket empty at all times. He instantly picked up on what a dog door was for and why he needed to use one and has never had an accident. When we get out the leashes he is at the door waiting for a walk or a ride in the car. He is a sensitive dog and a quick learner. Like most greyhounds he would do best with another buddy but may do OK alone if living in a quiet home where he would not be alone for more than a few hours.


WhirlyWhirly -- Adopted and living in Fresno
Racing Name: Gable Whirly
Age: 2 3/4 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Whirly is a sweet, loveable girl who loves lots of physical contact with her human companions. She adjusted quickly to life in her foster home which she shares with a bossy shepherd mix, another greyhound, some bunnies and a geriatric cat. Whirly shows the other animals appropriate respect. Of course she gets excited if new bunnies arrives but with supervision she behaves politely. Within 24 hours of arriving in her foster home she discovered toys and loves to take them to her bed. She is very tolerant when the other dogs retrieve the toys and take them to their beds. In fact she seems to enjoy this game. Whirly is fully house broken, walks well on the leash and is well behaved in the car. While her foster Mom is at work Whirly attends Camp Run A Mutt in Gardena where she is adored by the staff. She is always eager to go every morning and this has afforded her the opportunity to get to know the other canine breeds. Whirly has most of her energy in the morning and is ready to play at 5:30 or 6am, even on weekends. After a busy day at camp her favorite activity is to stretch out on her bed. A evening walk is not high on her priority list but with encouragement she will join the other dogs. Whirly has a healthy, but not excessive, appetite and appreciates home cooked chicken with her kibble. Her placid nature is very soothing making her an excellent relaxation companion. Foster mom Catherine.


PlutoPluto -- Adopted and living in Long Beach
Racing Name: TNJ Pluto
Age: 3 1/2 Sex: M Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/N

Pluto is a tall, strong, independent boy who was not sure about retired life at first. He quickly learned to use the dog door. He likes to go for rides and still needs some assistance getting into the SUV. Once in the vehicle, he likes to watch the scenery around town and then lies down for the rest of the trip. He realized that getting neck and ear rubs are good and now likes his stomach rubbed, too. His favorite is backing up to his foster mom for a good back scratch. He is becoming more sociable with kisses and happy greetings in the morning. He is too interested in cats and small dogs to live with them and we are working on getting used to them on walks. He walks well on his leash and occasionally pulls when something really interests him. We're working on that. He is learning not to counter surf and now waits his turn for his food dish and treats. Pluto likes his private space, preferring the beds in the corners of the rooms. He discovered stuffy toys, entertaining himself and people when he plays. He will chase a fuzzy ball and roll it around the floor. Maybe one day, he'll learn to bring it back. He lives with four Greyhound house mates. As Pluto continues to adjust to retired life, he could do well living with another greyhound or as an only dog if someone was home most of the time. Foster mom Susan.


NattiNatti -- Adopted and living in Northridge
Racing Name: Rf Supernatural
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Natti is a very sweet, very petite girl. She is still very much a puppy and loves to romp and play, especially with other dogs much to the chagrin of the old lady beagle she shares a house with. She follows her foster mom around the house when she knows food is on the schedule, but otherwise, she is fine lounging on her own on any dog bed in any room of the house. Natti is a little shy around the new people she meets, but warms up very quickly, taking all the love and affection she can get. She loves her walks and exploring the environment. She has done very well on the leash. We are still working on mastering the doggy door. The beagle in the house is giving lessons daily. She loves lounging outdoors, rubbing her face and rolling in the grass. She does not like to get wet and wants to walk across the street to avoid sprinklers. Natti tolerates getting wet by the rain as long as there is a good long towel scrub afterwards. Natti would do well in a house where people are around and she can probably be an only dog. She would also appreciate a yard to lounge in. Natti is so easy, she will adapt to any environment. Foster mom Melanie.


AngelaAngela -- Adopted and living in Encinitas
Racing Name: Mega Obiona
Age: 2 3/4 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Angela is adapting to her “retired” status very well. She is a beautiful little girl with a very soft coat and expressive eyes. She loves hanging out with her foster family and is ready for kisses and ear rubs at any time. Angela gets along well with all the family critters. Angela runs thru the yard with the family Newfoundland and suns in the grass with the family Chihuahua. The family cats don’t seem to be of much interest to her even when they walk underneath her. She is well mannered and gentle, walks well on the leash. She greets everyone, including the grandkids with a wagging tail ready for someone to pet her. She eats very well and waits patiently for her bowl. Angela is very sensitive and hasn’t needed a lot of correction. When she does, a quiet “ no” or “the look” works very well. She mastered the dog door quickly and hasn’t had any accidents in house. She is starting to learn what toys are and carries them around but not really sure what to do with them. But she is smart as can be, so I’m sure she will figure it out quickly. Foster mom Ellen.


AdrianAdrian -- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: Mega Adonis
Age: 1 1/2 Sex: M Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Adrian is a very laid back dude. Even though he is only a year and a half he has the patience of an old well trained dog. He is spectacular on leash as well as off. He is very sociable, falling in love with every adult, dog, and even child he has come in contact with. He is very interested and would like to make friends with the cats of the house but they just want nothing to do with him. Adrian loves long walks and sniffing everything that's new. He loves the company of other dogs and lots of people. He is a bit of a chow hound and discovering the garbage a around the house but in general has good good manners. Adrian is bright but not very eager to learn new tricks. He is an be very quiet and calm with only slight signs of separation anxiety. Adrian is a big guy but a lover at heart. He loves to cuddle and occasionally have some fun with a toy. He is one of the most laid back boys I've ever met. Foster mom Jaime.


TrapperTrapper -- Adopted and living in San Juan Capistrano
Racing Name: Tapstar Styx
Age: 1 3/4 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Trapper is still a very shy and spooky boy after a few months in a foster home, but he has made significant progress. Trapper now readily gives and receives affection from his foster mom and dad, giving kisses and coming to greet us when we return home. He plays with toys exuberantly and runs with the other greyhounds and the small dog in the house. He is an enthusiastic eater, so we are using food to train him not to be so afraid of new people and situations. He is just starting to go on walks but is very apprehensive about new people, screaming kids, lawn equipment, and loud vehicles, so we double-leash him in a harness and collar so that he can't get loose. Trapper needs an adoptive home that is patient and willing to continue training him to overcome his fears. He should be with another large, confident dog who can help him adjust to the world.


OreoOreo -- Adopted and living in Glendora
Racing Name: Bella Oreli
Age: 3 Sex: F Color: White and black with ticking
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Oreo is super cuddly and sweet with people she knows well, such as her foster mom and dad. She is a bit apprehensive around new people, but quickly warms up to them. She is just discovering toys and enjoys carrying them around. Oreo is learning to adjust to the scary new world, and can be spooked by loud noises and new places or situations. She is terrified of young children and should not be placed in a home with them. Teenagers are acceptable to her. She can be a bit bossy with the other dogs in the household, giving them a growl if they get too close to her on her bed or when she is eating. She might be okay as an only dog if her people were around a decent amount of time and worked with her to get her over her slight fears.


JuliaJulia -- Adopted and living in Glendale
Racing Name: WW's Duty
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Julia is a very loving and sweet. She seems to be a very special hound. She lives with 2 Cocker Spaniels that are on the smaller size and does very well with them. She is very receptive to training and is always willing to do anything for a bit of praise. She is playful around the house and loves her daily walk. Most of her time though, she loves to snuggle and just be with the family. Julia is an easy and wonderful greyhound who's a joy to have as your daily welcoming committee. She is not quite convinced that she likes riding in the car so that makes her a bit nervous. She is very friendly to other dogs we meet while we are walking but is a bit submissive. Julia might prefer to live with other dogs or be with a family that is home a lot. Foster mom Hayley.


KaceyKacey -- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: D. Win Kacey
Age: 3 3/4 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Kacey is so sweet and gentle! She integrated into a life of leisure and a pet in record time. She makes it super easy for other dogs to be around her. She will walk away from misbehaving dogs or confrontation. She likes dogs OK but prefers human company. Kacey is always ready to go for car rides, a walk, or trip to the dog park. She learned the dog door in a couple days and also knows how to tell you she needs to go out if one is not available. She wins everyone over who meets her with her gentleness and can melt your heart with her innocent look. She is no finicky eater but you better watch that ham sandwich or she will snatch it out of you hand. I forceful word will stop her in her tracks because she eagerly wants to do the right thing and it is easy to see pleasing her human family is what she is all about. Running around playfully is not on her list of things to do. Leaning on someone for pets or cuddling up on the sofa is more her style. Foster dad Steve.

NoelNoel -- Adopted and living in Laguna Niguel
Racing Name: BL's Cinnamon
Age: 2 3/4 Sex: F Color: Light brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Noel is just a sweet little get along girl. She loves everyone and loves to cuddle. She gives little kisses along with tiny nibbles! She is walking pretty well on a leash getting more freedom after being restricted because of her broken leg. Noel likes toys o play with and also loves to be petted by her people. Loves treats and thinks they are all for her! Fortunately her foster home grey mates are pretty are pretty laid back about sharing. Noel can still be somewhat of a food thief if it is left unattended and also likes to collect socks if they are left around. Last weekend everybody got a raw turkey neck and Noel decided they were really tasty.Yes she did finished hers first. Noel is social and would do best in an active household with someone around a good deal of the time. She has mastered the dog door and never had an accident in the house. Foster mom Sue.


FarleyFarley -- Adopted and living in Garden Grove
Racing Name: WW's Fancy Farley
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Farley is easily settling into quiet retired life. He gets along with his Greyhound housemates and uses the dog door. He plays with the squeaky toys, occasionally emptying the baskets until he finds one of his favorites. He is curious about his new world. He did a little counter surfing and now is doing better at waiting his turn for food and treats. He loves walks. However, he can pull if something catches his interest. We are working on this and he responds well. He is learning about other dogs and children and is doing OK. Farley checks out the view from all sides in the SUV and then lies down for the rest of the ride. He likes attention and being near his people. He will also go to his bed in the bedroom independently. One of his enjoyments is to look at himself in the vanity mirror. He likes his naps and so far has maintained a fairly low energy level around the house. He could possibly be an only dog if his family was around most of the time. He is friendly and a happy greeter when someone enters the house. Farley will be a gentle, affectionate companion in his Forever Home. Foster mom Susan.


FlashFlash -- Adopted and living in Pasadena
Racing Name: WW's Flash Light
Age: 3 1/2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Flash is such a friendly and loving grey! He loves to meet new people and runs up to newcomers with a big smile and a wagging tail. Flash has had no problems adjusting to his life of luxury off the race track. He loves to carry toys around the house and take long naps with his brother and sisters. Flash is excellent on a leash and enjoys his walks very much. He was a little interested in the cats in the house at first but quickly accepted them as part of the pack and learned to ignore them like everyone else. Flash was easily housebroken and as we don't have a doggie door he gives a quick bark if wants to go out. Flash is a pretty confident boy and would probably be alright as an only dog if his people were around quite a bit to give hims lots of attention. Flash is a wonderful example of the gentle, friendly nature of the greyhound. Foster mom Maggie.


AllisonAllison-- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: Volando Allison
Age: 1 3/4 Sex: F Color: Black tuxedo
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Allison is a sweet, affectionate, jet black tuxedo little beauty. She adjusted quickly to life in her foster home which she shares with another greyhound, a bossy shepherd mix, two bunnies and a geriatric cat. Her first few morning she requested a bunny for breakfast but soon learned, thanks to the protective shepherd, that they were not on the menu. She tolerates all the other animals very well. At under 2 years of age, Allison still plays like a puppy, discovered toys quickly, loves to explore. She attends Camp Run A Mutt, full time, while her foster Mom works. Her eager to please nature is helping her polish her social graces for a successful life after the track. Staff at Camp absolutely adore her and proudly claim her as one of the best. Allison is up at 6 am every morning and eager to run. By evening, having played a lot at Camp, she usually takes to her bed early and isn't really bothered about an evening walk. When asleep or resting she likes her personal bubble to be respected. This slim and elegant young lady eats to live, but does not live to eat. The aroma of freshly cooked food and a little encouragement sometimes tempts her to eat a little more. She is certainly not greedy! Allison is truly delightful, has lots of love to share and deserves the best home with the most comfortable sofa. Foster mom Catherine.


TaliaTalia -- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: Tail Waggin To Do
Age: 5 1/2 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Talia has enjoyed toys from day one. Squeakie toys are her favorite thing to play with. She squeaks, shakes, and tosses them in the air. She play fetch in the yard, but it has lasted for a few minutes so far. She has used the dog door from the start. When locked in over night she will tell you if she needs out and has never had an accident in the house. Talia walks wonderfully on a leash but can get wound up if she sees small dogs or a cat. She loves car rides and meeting new people and seeing new places. She does well with resident dogs in the house (a grey and a Bassett). She might be ok as only dog if she isn't left alone more than a couple of hours. She LOVES her humans and wants to hang out where they are and has no problems with you cuddling with her. From foster mom Wendy.


TomTom -- Adopted and living in West Hills
Racing Name: Tom S Ottumwa
Age: 4 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Tom is a tall beautiful red brindle male who is an extremely loving guy with a lot of energy. He gets along great with his two foster Greyhound brothers and they literally are teaching him the routine. Tommy likes riding in the car and going on walks. He needs some work on leash and is learning little by little not to react to other dogs passing by. He has been a quick learner at just about everything. He's not a barker but he tends to "roo" when you leave the house. He smiles like crazy, more so than any other foster we have had. "Tommy" loves when guests come to visit. We believe he would be fine as an only dog but definitely gets along well with other Greyhounds. He has such a strong, loving demeanor that we think he would be fine with kids as well. He probably would be great for a first time Greyhound family.


ShirlyShirly -- Adopted and living in Rancho Cucamonga
Racing Name: Gonewild Shirly
Age: 4 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: TBD/TBD

Shirly is an outstanding representative of her breed, and of her former life as a racer. Fast on the track, she was fast in her transformation to life as a 100% pet. She was quick to master all obstacles in life off the track. She is fond of a good ride in the car. Negotiating the dog door in her big, bulky cast is not a problem for her. The only thing she has faced yet is stairs. Her light red color makes her a very stunning dog. She is a good-sized female who enjoys her meals and never turns up her nose to treats from mom and dad. We are sure this girl will enjoy walks once her leg has has had a few weeks to heal. Shirly is a happy, laid back, and loving dog who is always looking for you to pet her--and scratch and massage her ears--while she rests her head in your lap. She is a very confidant dog, even somewhat of a loner, who seems to prefer humans to other dogs. She may do well in an only dog home as long as her humans are not gone long hours.


QuintQuint -- Adopted and living in Torrance
Racing Name: Ww's Quetzal
Age: 1 3/4 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

This fine young fellow came off the track with zero races to his credit. It’s obvious that he failed as a racing dog but he is definitely striving to succeed as a dog of leisure. He has embraced retirement with all his heart. He is very young, yet he displays little puppies. With the exception of an occasional “zoomie” he is a very quiet & friendly fellow. He has started to play with toys, so in a forever home he may become more active, but he really seems like an old soul. His biggest issue seems to be a rousing, baying chorus when the humans come or go, but he settles down quickly. He also learned the basic house rules with little effort including how to use the doggy door, where to hang out while waiting for dinner and that peeing & pooping were done outside. He is living with 2 other greys, a Chihuahua mix and 2 indoor/outdoor cats with no problems to date. He does seem to be interested in smaller dogs while walking but I take that to be curiosity more than anything else. He has become quite devoted to one of my greyhous (much to her chagrin!) but it is possible he might be able to be an only dog, particularly with someone who might be home a lot. Quint has been going on 4-mile walks daily and he loves them. He finally mastered hopping into the car once he figured out that meant going somewhere FUN! He has seen lots of urban activity and seems unfazed by everything from traffic to strollers. As a matter of fact, he has kind of become the official “trail greeter” because he would very much like to say hello to everyone he meets so they can admire him while skritching his neck. Quint is one of those special dogs who are very quiet & easy-going with little drama. He is definitely looking forward to a long, happy retirement. Foster mom Sandy.


SullySully -- Adopted and living in Fresno
Racing Name: WW Sally's Able
Age: 5 3/4 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y












ZariaZaria -- Adopted and living in Westminster
Racing Name: Mega Zaria
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Zaria is an affectionate, smart, energetic and confident girl. She does well on tile and wood floors without getting spooked, even when she slips while taking a corner too quickly. She learned the dog door in less than a day and we seem to have broken her "counter surfing" habit. She's a bit "food-focused" and is getting better at waiting her turn for meals and treats. She is a little excitable, especially when its time for a walk. She still pulls on her leash during the first 5 minutes of her walk but then settles down. She's "intrigued" by other dogs and cats while walking, but doesn't growl or dart/lunge after them. Zaria enjoys stuffies....all of the same time...she give lots of wet kisses and love nibbles to her humans, has a cute little smile, and "roos" with her big sister. She gets along well with her fellow grey companion, a black lab and a terrier in the home. She does NOT like to be crated and obeys the 2 foot baby gate without jumping over anymore. She's adapting well and is eating great without apparent health issues. Foster moms Terri and Diane.

DutchDutch -- Adopted and living in Fresno
Racing Name: Dutch Truckin
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/N

Dutch raced for a long time, but now it seems as though he figures he will sleep for just as many days! He is a medium sized brindle with a face that will melt your heart. He loves to be petted. He follows his foster mom around the house to be sure she doesn't disappear on him. Dutch gets along well with his foster siblings, a Dobie and a Boxer mix, but we think he would rather be living with greyhounds. He gets along with children, although he's a little afraid of them, and will often retire to the bedroom for his tenth nap of the day when they arrive. Dutch is an enthusiastic eater, even on the day he got neutered, and he doesn't have to be shown his dish twice. He's a good walker and does well in the car. Although he loves food he is not much of a counter surfer. If he wants to share your dinner, the squirt bottle backs him right off. He's one of the first fosters we've had that has zero interest in stuffed toys, but that might change in time. Dutch has behaved well when we meet a small dog, but cats are definitely a big no for him. He's a bit shy, and therefore would get confidence from being part of a pack, but he could possibly be an only dog if his people were around a lot--he is definitely addicted to long snuggle sessions between naps.


WinnieWinnie -- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: Mega Whydah
Age: 2 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

We won with Winnie! She's sweet and gentle, and quickly adapting to life as a dog of leisure. For a few days, she wasn't sure about the beds we got for her until she laid down on one and that was it. Now it takes a great deal of coaxing to get her off of them now! On walks she's pretty skittish but getting better every day. It's amazing to watch her discover the "off the track" world and process all of her new experiences. She's already started to bound across the yard chasing after balls and crouching into a "play with me!" posture. Her separation anxiety training is going very well. We use FaceTime on our iPad/iPhone to monitor her and it really helps. We can communicate simple commands to her like "quiet" or "no" when she tries to chew something and she settles down quickly. We're up to an hour+ now while she happily snoozes. We've met a number of other Greyhound adoptees in Griffith Park and are delighted to have joined the GreySave family. Again, we won with Winnie! Foster dad Scot.

LibraLibra -- Adopted and living in Temecula
Racing Name: JD Libra
Age: 5 1/2 Sex: F Color: Red fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Libra is a sweet, quiet girl who is adjusting well to her life off the track. She gets along quite well with the other furry household residents. She is very comfortable hanging out on the patio in the warm sun with the family Chihuahua, or romping through the yard with Abbey, the Newfoundland. The cats don’t seem to matter much to her, even when they walk by her. She is very well mannered and has never had an accident in the house. Libra meets visiting grandkids with a wagging tail and is very gentle with them. She eats very well and waits politely for her bowl. She always finishes everything and waits for the other dogs to finish before checking out their empty bowls. Libra jumps into our Explorer and lays right down for the ride. If needed, Libra is easily corrected, a quiet “no” usually does the trick. She is always happy to see her humans, greets them with a tail wag and a smile.. From foster mom Ellen.


BurberryBurberry -- Adopted and living in Carlsbad
Racing Name: Bella Burberry
Age: 4 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Burberry is a sweet female. One look into her eyes and you will fall in love. She has the softest coat which feels like black velvet. She is very loving and enjoys just hanging out by your side, wanting to be where her people are. She follows us from room to room. Burberry is very quiet and well mannered. She rides well in the car. She has shown no interest in toys yet and is not too interested in playing with the resident greys. Burberry is good with the small dogs and will watch as they wrestle around. She is also good with our cats. Burberry likes to sleep in, unlike the other fosters we've had who are up with the sun. How I wish we had room to keep one more! From day one she has been a joy to have in our home. Burberry has been the easiest foster we have had, loving life off the track. From foster mom Linda.


GregGreg-- Adopted and living in Brea
Racing Name: WW's Great
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Greg is pretty easy going for his young age. He's very friendly with everyone, adults to young children as well as our three year old grandson. You don't have to be with him very long to see what a happy hound he is. He's been quite good with our two male greyhounds as well as our tiny female dog. He has yet to pick up a toy but he does play. If you toss a ball or stuffy he'll run to it, sniff and maybe poke it with his nose then do some play bows followed by short bursts of speed. He does get a little bouncy when getting leashed up but soon calms and walks nicely. He is not at all bothered by barking neighborhood dogs. Car rides are no problem for him, he only needs a little help getting in then he's good to go. I've seen no sign of food, toy or sleep aggression or any kind of separation anxiety. From foster mom Joyce.


DerekDerek -- Adopted and living in Sierra Madre
Racing Name: Dutch Derek
Age: 1 3/4 Sex: M Color: White and black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Derek is a delightfully sweet and gentle boy. He is a bit shy with new people, but quickly comes around with some love and ear rubs. Derek is under two years old and we would never have guessed he was such a young pup. He is a regular gentleman! He has never had one accident in the house and sleeps quietly though the night. Derek follows the lead of the older greyhounds in the house and seems most comfortable when they are around. He loves walks and is well-behaved on a leash. Derek adores squeaky toys but he has to be watched while enjoying them because he also loves to shred them up! Derek has shown almost no interest in the house kitties. The kitties were more interested in getting a sniff of him. At a trip to the pet store Derek was very happy to be investigated by other dogs, big and small. Even the children did not phase him at all. From foster mom Maggie.