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The greyhounds featured below have been adopted since January 1, 2015 (most recent adoptions at the top).

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SunnySunny -- Adopted and living in Newbury Park
Racing Name: SWG evening sun
Age: 4.3 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Sunny is extremely gentle and well behaved. He is housebroken but needs to go out every few hours so having a dog door would be great. He is fantastic on a leash and enjoys his walks and car rides, although he needs help getting into the car. Sunny is still adjusting to retirement but becoming more comfortable with new sights, sounds and people, everyday. He shares a home with 2 small dogs and does very well with them. He has started to play with toys and enjoys squeaking them and tossing them up into the air. Sunny loves meal time and is a total chow-hound. He enjoys his kibble and a variety of treats but has showed no interest in hard treats like raw hides or bully treats. He will not take a treat from my hand but will smell it and get excited as I place it on the floor or his bed. He has been left home alone several times and he has showed no signs of separation anxiety and although he enjoys his Chihuahua siblings, he may be OK as an only dog if his people are around quite a bit. Foster mom Tania.


PaganPagan -- Adopted and living in Irvine
Racing Name: Mega Pagan
Age: 3 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Pagan loves nothing better than a good ear rub. He spends a lot of time off by himself on a nice thick dog bed. He could possibly be an only dog if not left by himself all day. He has little reaction to his four foster sisters and not really interested in toys yet. On a sleep over with a couple of grey guys, he found the boys were fun to play with. He was respectful with RICKY the cat, while he stayed there. Responded to the word NO when the cat walked through. Pagan learned the stairs with his leg in a cast with no problem at all and the doggy door in a day without accidents. He rides well in the car, which was good with trips weekly for cast changes. Pagan has a huge overbite and has a big toothy Greyt smile. The only time he seems to get upset is around small kids. He hides behind me and wants to walk away. Pagan is a great dog that we would love to keep if we could. That smile just melts you heart. Foster mom Jen.


TazTaz -- Adopted and living in Bakersfield
Racing Name: RF Tazmaniamoney
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Taz is a very easy going boy with long legs and soft expressive brown eyes. He loves car rides and he walks well on the leash with happy tail wags, just oozing interest in everything and everyone. We call him Mr. Curiosity because he is very busy checking out everything in his environment. He is learning about counter tops and still has some struggles with a little separation anxiety. Taz loves to use the doggie door but he is sometimes unsure about going outside or staying inside with the resident Mom & Dad. He enjoys playing with squeaky toys and tug-of-war games with his foster Dad. Taz is very gentle when accepting treats and he has no food aggression. He has shown excited curiosity when meeting a small Chihuahua but has never shown aggression. Taz is a very bright and loving young boy who would be a devoted companion. He loves to cuddle and hang out with his foster Mom & Dad but he may need close supervision with small animals and greeting visitors at the door. Foster mom Loalea.


MamboMambo -- Adopted and living in Calimesa
Racing Name: Johnny's Mambo
Age: 4.2 Sex: M Color: Red brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Mambo is loving the retired life! He happily lounges on any soft bed and a chew treat puts an expression of sheer bliss on his face. He's a gentle sweet natured boy who is now called "Sweet Mambo" by his foster mom. He has patiently tolerated the high energy of his 1 year old greyhound foster brother and was afraid of his non-greyhound foster sister, but now really enjoys her and her calmer style of play. Mambo is a curious boy, so those fantastic ears are often at "full-attention". He's a quick learner and would probably learn how to use a doggy door very easily. Meal times may be his favorite time of the day and he does an amazing imitation of a springbok as he follows his bowl to his feeding place! He's really quite a gentleman and has learned how to wait his turn in the pack order for feeding time. He shows no food or bed aggression and happily makes sure any leftovers in the other doggy bowls don't go to waste! He crates up easily when needed and relaxes there without any problem. Mambo enjoys walks and quickly became good on the leash once he understood what was expected of him. He is getting more and more used to non-greyhounds he sees on his neighborhood walks. He takes to car rides well, but a barrier is helpful because he wants to be right up front with the driver! He is an affectionate boy that loves to be near his foster mom at all times. Tail wags, seeking out affection and love nibbles are now a regular thing. He is learning that some of those love nibbles can hurt and we are correcting that behavior quickly. Playing with toys is sure to follow very soon! Mambo could do well with other dogs, but could also easily be an only dog if his forever family people worked from home, or better yet, could take him to work. Foster mom Shelley



PoppyPoppy -- Adopted and living in La Cañada Flintridge
Racing Name: Mega Popcorn
Age: 4.1 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/N

Yes, lets talk about the perfect retiree! Poppy is that girl and she brings it all in one adorable, floppy-eared package! She is happy, bouncy, kissy, and confident without being pushy or demanding. She will occasionally find something that is a little “scary” but she usually gets over it pretty quickly and is back to her happy-self. She greets everyone as if they had come just to see her—including all the staff at the vet’s office when she had her spay done! Good on a leash, quiet in her ex-pen at night, wonderful with the others in the pack—the only drawback this girl has is that she prefers to use the human door than learn the dog door. I think she can be an only dog, especially if her people are home most of the time because she really doesn’t care if the other dogs are around, but she LOVES interacting with her people. I have never heard a growl or grump from her, even when the other dogs flop onto her bed or get near her food bowl. She is still learning to take treats from my hand but she is improving each day when we do morning “cookies”. Foster mom Deb



CloudCloud -- Adopted and living in Temescal Valley
Racing Name: JMB's Cloud
Age: 2.2 Sex: M Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Cloud is a big, tall, strong, shy boy who loves to play with our resident big, strong not-shy boy. He has a healthy appetite and has no food, toy, sleep or bed aggression and is tolerant of our two resident sassy, loud cats. He learned quickly not to counter-surf. He is still learning about letting his foster mom know when he needs to go out. He has a lot of energy to burn and he is learning how to walk on a leash without pulling. He causes a stir whenever we walk him with his foster brother because he is so big and has such a unique coat. He doesn’t like little dogs, but gets along with larger dogs. He likes to sleep where he can see his foster people. He has been left alone with his foster brother for several hours but would probably not be a good only dog. He and his foster brother love to zoom next to each other to see who can go in the tightest circles but there is never any biting or growling. The ideal situation for Cloud would be a home with another, friendly dog, a nice yard for burning off some energy and a family to cuddle and spoil him. Foster Mom Susan