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The greyhounds featured below have been adopted since January 1, 2015 (most recent adoptions at the top).

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TomTom -- Adopted and living in Irvine
Racing Name: AJN Hathaway Tom
Age: 2.7 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Tom is a very sweet, gentle, and calm boy. He’s adjusting very well to family life. He’s a quick learner. He conquered the stairs in a day and has learned to patiently wait for his meals. However, he will happily eat any food left unattended. He is building his confidence and is really starting to show his character. He loves long walks and being outdoors. He is excellent on a leash. He is ready for bed at 9pm every night and sleeps like a champ as long as he is near his human. He loves hugs and kisses. He is quickly learning that he loves toys! He likes his toys all around him and has carried his favorites upstairs at bedtime. He has very good manners and is learning how to communicate when he needs to go out. He likes to follow us around everywhere we go, keeping an eye on his humans. He would do great as a single dog with a family that is home frequently. Foster mom Valli


GeminiGemini -- Adopted and living in Whittier
Racing Name: WW Gemini Bits
Age: 3.3 Sex: F Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Gemini had a long and successful race career with 178 races, but she settled right into the routine in her foster home as if she had been there all along. She is an easy hound to have around and very calm. Her coloring is unique as she looks black at first, but in the light you see her beautiful brindle shine through. She has a cute signature nose twitch when she smells something interesting. She mastered the staircase on day 1. We do not have a dog door, but she hasn't had any accidents in the house and will let you know when she is ready to go outside. Gemini walks nicely on a leash, is curious about everything happening, and is up for long walks to check out the neighborhood. She is fine with all types of dogs she encounters. She lives with one other greyhound that she gets along with well, but she is fairly independent and might do ok in a single dog home. She will make a very sweet and easy companion. Foster parents Eli and Libby


FancyFancy -- Adopted and living in Santa Ana
Racing Name: Still Sofancy
Age: 2.3 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Fancy is a sweetheart of a girl. She reminds us of a little toddler..very happy and always wanting to play with ALL the toys, whether it's for doggies or humans. She is a little sneak and will steal her human's stuffed animals, so if you treasure your personal stuffies, do not let her see it..although her antics are rather funny. Fancy gets along well and enjoys her walks with her foster siblings (another greyhound and a chihuahua mix). She has a tendency to cross in front of the person holding her leash quite a bit but we are positive that in time she will learn to walk a straighter path, as she is just as curious as can be. Her nose has been working a bit on overtime as it seems she gets a kick out of sniffing nearly everything in sight. She is a fun girl and can be very playful. She has no problem going up & down the stairs, and is house trained. Fancy is a such joy to have around and will be a wonderful addition to any family. Foster mom Renee


BonusBonus -- Adopted and living in Alisa Viejo
Racing Name: Dutch Bonus
Age: 3.3 Sex: M Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Bonus is a friendly guy! Mostly good on a leash, though he still wanders a bit, great with cats and small dogs, and house-trained already. He is always happy to meet new people and is very affectionate with his foster family. He loves chew treats and enjoys his plush toys too. He is still learning to sit when the people are eating but he does listen to commands. He is affectionate without being demanding and will stay next to you as long as you give him some attention. He is good in the car and gets along well with my two small dogs. He does get lonely and cries when he is in a crate, but only if there isn't another dog in the room with him. I let him sleep in his crate with my rat terrier in the bedroom with him and he sleeps through the night. He is more connected to people than other dogs but he seems to find them comforting to be around when he is alone. Foster mom Jillian


PatPat -- Adopted and living in Beaumont
Racing Name: Pat C Feel It
Age: 3.8 Sex: M Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: N/N

Pat is a stunning red male who has made a drastic improvement since he came into our home. He has gone from being timid to fun loving and affectionate with his foster dads and his two foster brothers as well as company and other Greyhounds who come to visit. He loves his plush toys and nyla-bones and plays with them often. As much as he is loving he also loves his alone time and will sneak off to the bedroom to rest while everyone else is together in the family room but makes an appearance every once and awhile. He is a quick learner and pretty much has learned the “ropes” around here from his two foster brothers. He loves his long walks and is pretty good on the leash and in the car. We are still working on him jumping into the SUV. He sleeps in the crate with the door open and prefers the bolster bed over the other choices in the house. I can not say for sure he will not have some seperation anxiety if he’s an only dog but he seems to have broken that while he is with the other two. This guy has a lot of love to give!! Foster dad Scott


PriddyPriddy -- Adopted and living in Thousand Oaks
Racing Name: Priddy
Age: 2.2 Sex: F Color: White and red
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/N

Priddy is a sweet and extremely affection girl. She loves to snuggle up close with her humans. She had her head in the "stuffies" basket after the first hour of coming into our home. She walks exceptionaly well on leash and likes to follow her foster mom everywhere. She greets all that come thru our door with a big smile and wiggly, squiggly body wag. She eats very well also, not picky at all! She learned the stairs the first time up. She is turning into a good swimmer as she had her first lesson this past weekend. She is a bit of a counter surfer when food is involved. Her appetite is unsatiable! She will need another dog or humans that are home most of the time as she doesn't like being by herself. She will make an excellent traveling companion as she listens well, travels well and loves meeting new people and seeing new places. She is a love! Foster mom Gwen


ChristoChristo -- Adopted and living in Northridge
Racing Name: Country Christo
Age: 3.7 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Christo is a sweet, fuzzy teddy bear! He likes to be close to his person and loves to get pets and hugs. He is quiet and laid back but has a healthy curiosity about all the new objects he never got to see when living at the track. Christo is house trained and uses the doggie door without any issues. Once outside he comes right back in as he prefers the comforts of inside to the outside. He walks well on the leash but still may startle when cars pass. He is getting better over time and experience. Christo is a super sweet, easy going boy who lives with two queen bee greyhound girls. He does well with them but probably would be OK as an only if his people could be home with him as he does like to see them and get a bit of attention. Foster mom Helen


CuddlesCuddles -- Adopted and living in Torrance
Racing Name: AJN Bon Cuddles
Age: 1.6 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Cuddles quickly adapted to retirement. She was using a doggie door and scaling the stairs within a couple of days of retirement. Our greyhounds are free-fed, and Cuddles is willing to wait her turn to “nibble on her kibble”. She loves to toss stuffed toys and laying in the shade on the back patio. Cuddles is a natural sitter. As a young dog, she is quite curious about her surroundings checking out everything on tables and counters. She is glued to my side when cooking, hoping to sample the cuisine. Cuddles prefers to be near her humans and will move from room to room with you. Cuddles could be an only dog for someone looking for a companion. Foster parents Chick & Carolyn


DenoDeno -- Adopted and living in Landera Ranch
Racing Name: D Win Deno
Age: 2.4 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Deno is a sweet, gentle, affectionate red brindle boy. He is low key but very playful and animated when excited and happy. He is smart and has learned the meaning of a few words as well as nonverbal cues. He walks fairly well on a leash but is still quite interested in dogs. No real experience with cats. He loves squeaky toys and often carries them around with him. He has a great appetite but doesn't counter surf after a few attempts. He gets along well with our other greyhounds in the household. He shows no aggressive behavior when awake or asleep. He sleeps well at night on his big dog bed. He is aware of windows and screen doors and is not really into mirrors. He loves to snuggle and would love to sleep in bed with someone if given the chance. This guy is a real sweetheart. If I could have another Grey he would be the one! Foster parents Rod & Judy


MaltzMattz -- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: Mega Pragmatic
Age: 2.5 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Mattz is the typical lovable greyhound boy who loves everyone he meets on his morning walks. He thinks he is very special with his harem of 4 female greys, all of which he gets along with very well. It took no time to settle into retirement life and all the things he is allowed to do or not to do by his humans. A big plus for this boy, he has never marked in the house. It took a little longer than most when it came to learning the dog door, but we think he was playing his humans as he seemed to enjoy waiting for them to let him in. You know - a bit lazy when it came to pushing the flap open. He seems content with his alone time as long as there is a 4 legged or 2 legged friend close by. Soft plush toys and a soft bed is what he enjoys best, spending most if his time there. If not there you can find him enjoying this 2nd love, basking in the sun on the patio. Also high on his retirement list is exploring the backyard, taking in all the sights and smells it has to offer. Never being a counter surfer or moocher, he very nicely waits his turn when it comes to meal time and passing out treats. Attention from his humans is always welcomed but will leave you alone when told to lie down or go away. A good traveler but needs training on jumping in the car on his own. A very easy going and lovable boy. Foster dad Jay


DreamDream -- Adopted and living in Sherman Oaks
Racing Name: Dreams Come True
Age: 4.8 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Dream lives up to her name. After racing 252 times, she was ready for retirement and has embraced her new life. Her tail never stops wagging! She doesn't jump up and waits patiently for her leash. Dream walks beautifully on leash and enjoys meeting new people. She's an easy going girl and a delight to have around. Dream has no problem when left home and does not get into things. She gets along very well with our greyhounds and is doing nicely with our small dogs too. She's interested in our cats but has learned that they live here too. She is a dream girl. Foster mom Linda


LukeLuke -- Adopted and living in Sunland
Racing Name: Mega Saluki
Age: 3.0 Sex: M Color: White and fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Luke looked like a pretty pitiful case the day I picked him up at the vet where he had had his broken leg pinned and been neutered, but he has turned into a gorgeous dog with an engaging face that reminds me of an Arabian horse (dish nose with big expressive eyes). He is quite shy, but is improving every day, though new things and people can still spook him. He is a voracious eater;, and is still learning that his people eating is not a sign that he needs to eat again, though he now confines his begging to laying nearby with a pitiful look on his face. He rides well in the car, but is not terribly relaxed and tends to stay on his feet looking out the window. Luke is anxious to make friends, but is still a little afraid of strangers, particularly children, and prefers that they ignore him so that he can make the first move. Because of his insecurities, Luke could not be an only dog. He is very anxious even going out to get in the car for a trip to the vet, without his foster brothers. That being said, he also looooves his foster mom and dad, and will follow them around endlessly, nudging them for endless petting and talking. When he is not doing that, he grabs a squeaky toy for an energetic play session. He's so fun to watch, as he actually pretends they're alive, acting startled when he sees them, then pouncing and throwing, then looking shocked to see them and barking! Though he loves these sessions, he seems to be fine around the smaller dogs he has met at Meet and Greets. Luke is super affectionate, and will make a great addition to a home with maybe another grey or two, who is looking for a comical snuggle bug. Foster mom Judy


AndyAndy -- Adopted and living in Santa Clarita
Racing Name: Volando Adonis
Age: 2.5 Sex: M Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Andy is a fascinating guy! Completely unflappable—nothing flusters him—not loud noises, large objects, or new people, he is a very steady, intense kind of boy. He is always happy to see his foster family, greets visitors with a whirly tail, and enjoys his stuffies. He is still learning “pillow” when the people are eating yet never steals food from the counters. He is affectionate without being demanding and will stay next to you as long as you give him some attention. He is good in the car and fairly good on leash (and improving). While he gets along well with the rest of the pack of 5 others, he does not seem to need them around. He is much more connected to his people than the pack so would probably be okay as an only, especially if his people are around or he can go to work with them.



PiperPiper -- Adopted and living in Irvine
Racing Name: Barts Can't Wait
Age: 3.3 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Piper is a sweet little girl that rapidly gained her confidence. She loves people but usually waits for them to invite her for some attention. Totally motivated by food and very smart, she could easily learn new skills or greyhound tricks. Along with her intelligence she has a silly side too. One morning I realized that she figured out my alarm clock and now comes in when it goes off and pokes me with her cold wet nose. After being told to go back to bed, which she does and I've hit the snooze button, she will come back when it goes off again. I think she does this not so much to make sure I don't oversleep but because she wants breakfast. Piper's manners are excellent, she doesn't even get on the furniture. However, any unattended food, dog or human will be hers. Walks are fun for her and she does pretty well on a leash. Of course she loves squeaky toys and enjoys taking them in and out through the dog door. I think she would do well as an only dog with a family that has someone home most of the time. Foster mom Sue.


DandyDandy -- Adopted and living in Riverside
Racing Name: Dandy
Age: 2.1 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Dandy is an amazing boy. Calm beyond his years, very gentle, happy and easy going. He walks well on a leash and rides well in the car. He likes the grandkids, his foster home greyhound friends and even the little tiny tinker bell dog he lives with. He could use the dog door from day one, waits for his food and plays nicely with the toys. His only downside is that he has discovered the pleasures and comfort of the couch! OK, we wonder if he maybe he was not really a track dog but maybe a plant that just hitched a ride from a home in Tucson. Foster mom Joyce


BelleBelle -- Adopted and living in Pasadena
Racing Name: Virginia Belle
Age: 2.2 Sex: F Color: White and red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Belle has embraced her retirement and is adjusting quite nicely. Within the first hour in our home she had discovered toys and started taking them to her bed. Belle is very affectionate and will lay her head in your lap to be pet. She goes to our office every day and enjoys meeting new people, greeting them all very politely. Even at this young age she's quite calm and walks beautifully on a leash. Belle enjoys going for car rides and settles down quite nicely. Noises don't startle her. Belle gets along very well with the resident greys, bonding quickly with our youngest grey boy. She is good with our little dogs but is a bit too intense about our cats for my liking. Foster mom Linda.



CutieCutie -- Adopted and living in Rancho Cucamonga
Racing Name: TNJ Short Cut
Age: 3.4 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Cutie is a lively, happy, fun girl who is thoroughly enjoying her retirement. She loves her walks, loves her meals, and loves playing with stuffie toys (which she collects and hordes in her bed). She is always up for adventures and exercise, but also excels at the “other greyhound sport” (i.e., napping). Her leash manners are improving every day, and she is getting the message that counter surfing is not allowed. Although she is still initially shy with strangers, her wariness lasts just a few minutes, and then she is everybody’s best friend. She loves affection from humans and seems to be getting ready to turn into a real cuddler. Cutie currently lives peaceably with three rather scary cats, and she has had a few good visits with small dogs -- but she is very interested in little creatures (especially when they move!) and will need continued supervision and training with small animals. She enjoys the company of her greyhound foster siblings (and they all like her) but she is also showing signs of enough confidence to possibly be an only dog, provided she had her humans around enough to entertain her. Cutie is really a delightful girl and will be an excellent, engaging companion. Foster mom Monireh


BonnyBonny -- Adopted and living in Irvine
Racing Name: Rico's Bonny
Age: 2.1 Sex: F Color: White and brindle with ticking
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Bonny - This little girl took no time settling into our home and pack of 3 other female greys. Now we have added another, a male grey who she thinks is wonderful because his leg, with its black boot and blue cast looks just like hers. She's a funny girl who made us laugh when she would bark at the other dog in the mirror who looked just like her. It was if she was saying "you are a very pretty girl, just like me." This passed quickly as she had better thing to do like playing with her pack members, but more importantly all those wonderful toys she discovered in the big wicker basket. A quick learner with the help of the other 4 legged sisters and brother, as she has mastered all the things a greyhound needs to know as a pet. When it comes to rides in the car she is a greyt traveler. She has found the freedom of a nice yard to relax in the sun and dog door to her liking. No need to wake up mom and dad if she has the need to go potty in the early morning hours. She loves everyone she meets on her walks and does not pull on leash.. We think because she has been living with 4 other dogs, along with mom and dad whom are retired, she needs to be in a home with another 4 legged buddy, or if alone mom and dad need not be gone more than an hour or two. Foster Dad Jay


RavenRaven -- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: PG's Run Raven
Age: 2.9 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Raven is very calm and gentle. She enjoys her walks and does great on the leash. She gets along well with her foster sisters--another greyhound and a chihuahua mix, although we're hesitant that she would fare well with a cat. She quickly learned to climb up/down the stairs. Although we do not have a doggie door, she is house trained with routine and careful monitoring. She may get a tad excited looking out the window and seeing the neighbors walking their dogs. She might bark or whine but will quickly get over it. Raven is a very curious girl and likes to investigate things. She doesn't counter surf as she did when she first came into our home, but Raven has a hearty appetite so we just keep an eye on our food when she is close by. Our youngest child is differently-abled and wheelchair bound. Raven lets him know she is there by getting up close to him, sniffing him, and resting her head on his arm, very precious. She enjoys squeaky toys. She still gets a bit confused looking at her image in the mirror and it's funny watching her try to sniff herself. All in all, Raven is a very sweet, loving and gentle dog and will bring a lot of joy and happiness to a loving adoptive family. Foster mom Renee.


MarionMarion -- Adopted and living in Sunland
Racing Name: RJ's Marrion
Age: 4.7 Sex: F Color: Black brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/N

Marion is adorable but she still needs some work. While she got the concept of the dog door down within a day or two the concept of why she is going out sometimes slips her memory. But rewards for good outside potting go a long way with her. She has done really well with separation anxiety training and because of that she was given full reign of the house very quickly! She does know how to counter surf, so we have to constantly remind ourselves to tidy! She does well with her greyhound friend, Klaxon, although she can get possessive and will growl if he eyes her kong and stuffies. Speaking of stuffies--she quickly learned how amazing stuffed toys are. She adorably takes toys and puts them on her bed. Sometimes she'll come when called with a toy still in her mouth. She does fantastic on walks and is not shy at all with people. In fact when people ask if they can pet her, or have just start petting her, she immediately starts wagging her tail and seems to enjoy new folks. Marion is bit older grey compared to the rest of the fosters we've had in the past so naturally she's just more stuck in her ways. With a lot of patience, practice and persistence I'm sure that Marion's minor short-comings will improve. We believe that Marion, now affectionately called Kiwi will become part of our family. Foster mom Melissa.


DutchDutch -- Adopted and living in Alhambra
Racing Name: Dutch Rookie
Age: 4 Sex: M Color: White and red brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

What a wonderful dog! Dutch quickly settled into retirement. He mastered the dog door within one day and has not had an accident in the house. Dutch is a happy dog and greets everyone with an enthusiastic wagging tail. He engages with people and our other greyhounds, but is not overbearing. Dutch rides well in a car and is a dream to walk. He does not pull on lead and stops when you stop. Dutch is not food possessive and shares toys graciously with the other greyhounds in the house. As an added bonus, the majority of Dutch’s claws are translucent for easy clipping and he has no dew claws. Don’t miss out on Dutch. He will be a great family member.


DarlingDarling -- Adopted and living in Canyon Country
Racing Name: Volando Darling
Age: 2.5 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Darling is a super sweet and affectionate girl. She is recovering from an injury and has a slight limp but still runs loops in the backyard with the other hounds. She loves to go on walks with them too. She is pretty busy for a greyhound, playing with toys and trying to get the miniature pinscher in the house to play with her constantly. She does also have an affinity for laundry but is moving towards toys more each day. She loves her food and is a good eater. She is confident and well adjusted and could possibly be okay as an only dog if she was provided plenty of stimulation and had a person around more often than not. If she did not get enough stimulation, she would certainly get into a bored paws get into trouble mode. Foster mom Sandy.


ZapperZapper -- Adopted and living in Canyon Country
Racing Name: Kiowa Zapper
Age: 6 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Zapper - Happy Zappy!! The best possible way to describe this boy! Easy-going with the pack, affectionate with his people, playful with his toys, confident roacher—all are good descriptors of this adorable guy! His whirly tail is a study of happiness in motion! His preference is to hang with his people, but he does enjoy using the dog-door to sunbathe at times during the day. He walks well on leash, never counter-surfs, has an occasional comment to make (really adorable little barks or yips while his tail is in full motion)…let’s see, I can’t think of anything that could make him any cuter than he already is! Oh! He does have some definite ideas about my decorating style and insists on putting his personal touches to where a few blankets and rugs belong in the house! He never chews them—just moves them! Probably best as part of a pack OR possibly an only if his people are home most of the time. Foster mom Deb


JoyJoy -- Adopted and living in North Hollywood
Racing Name: Mega Joya
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Pearl PJ as her foster mom calls her, loves to chase Echo, the other foster greyhound in the home as she chases through the yard after thrown toys. She loves to play with toys on her own and really enjoys them if they make noise. PJ is new to having to deal with a dog door but uses it as long as flap is open. Her foster mom knows she will be all checked out on the using it with those scary flaps very soon. PJ enjoys loving and pets but is not demanding. She absolutely loves to go on walks, walks well on a leash and only pulls when excited. She is not food or space aggressive and takes treats from you hand as a real lady would. Her one challenge and that is she is shy and really needs to have a forever home that she shares with another more confident dog. Joy Pearl (PJ) and Echo live together in a foster home and have developed a pretty strong bond. They seem to compliment each others strengths and weakness and their ideal forever home situation would be for them to be adopted together.


EchoEcho -- Adopted and living in North Hollywood
Racing Name: SE's Echo
Age: 2.3 Sex: F Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Echo is a sweet and lively girl. She walks well on a leash and normally stays pretty focused but at times does become a scenthound, sniffing everything. After her walk she may have a little energy left to burn but nothing that a few zooms around the backyard doesn't cure. Initially she was in a foster home she shared with a beagle and they loved to chase each other and play catch with the squeaky toys. This may explain why she loves toys and will fetch and almost always bring it back to you when you say drop it. Noisy or floppy toys are best in her book. Echo is a master at using the dog door flaps an all. She does have one shortcoming and that is she is not a totally secure in her interactions with strangers. Somewhere in her prior life she learned that people could poke and hurt her so she does not trust just anyone. She really needs her adopter to be worthy of her trust as is her foster mom. Once she knows her people and her surroundings she relaxes and really has no issues. She does not like to be held close for very long but will tollerate it for a little if you are not trying to poke her, give her a shot or take some blood. She does like to cuddle on her terms. She will cuddle up on the bed for a short period of time and if she is not happy with how close you are getting she gets up and moves away. She is not demanding but will sometimes solicit her foster mom's attention when she wants pets. She will put her feet up on your lap and snuggle her head under your arm. She does not show any signs of food aggression and loves her treats. Echo and Joy Pearl (PJ) live together in a foster home and have developed a pretty strong bond. They seem to compliment each others strengths and weakness and their ideal forever home situation would be for them to be adopted together.


FiestaFiesta -- Adopted and living in Riverside
Racing Na
Racing Name: Fiesta First Law
Age: 1.5 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Fiesta is a very personable small greyhound boy. He is also young and had only 4 races before retiring to California. Fiesta is playful and loves toys, tossing them in the air and racing around in the yard with them. He tends to be quite timid of things he can't figure out. Though he likes his toys his foster mom's Halloween toy cat that screeched was way to much for him. No screeching cats or any toys that chase him please. He lives with 2 other greyhounds and a 7 pound chihuahua mix named Tinkerbell. He thinks Tinkerbell is just fine but the other young greyhounds play a bit too rough for him. He seems to be afraid of getting hurt by the big boys. When he gets scared he screams so probably he is not a guard dog in the making. He likes his crate and will willingly settle down in it for a nap. He is extremely well potty trained though he does not even have access to a dog door he will notify his parents when he needs the outside facilities. He loves to ride in the car and jumps right in which is not all that common of the male greyhounds. Fiesta foster mom has a 4 year old grandson that comes visit quite a bit and Fiesta is just fine with little boy games and noises. We think the best home for Fiesta would be one where his parent was around a lot to keep him company and there were not any mean or scary critters or toys. Smaller human that are nice to him would be quite fine. Ideally, Fiesta needs a loving forever home where they will encourage his sweet and loving nature and let him grow up into a secure adult. He may be OK as an only dog if his people are around quite bit. Foster mom Joyce.


ChaseChase -- Adopted and living in Camarillo
Racing Na
Racing Name: Chase Jack
Age: 7.5 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Chase is a beautiful brindle male who is very happy, playful and extremely affectionally. He figured out what to do with toys from day one and he loves ti take them out of the toy box one by one, throw them in the air, run around with them in his mouth, then collect them all and take them to his bed. He is also very enthusiastic about food and treats, going for walks, and just about any interactive activities. So far his very favorite thing is to cuddle and play with people; he will stand or lie still forever if you keep petting him. He is fine staying home alone with the other greyhounds. He gets along well with our greys and other large dogs that we have met on our walks. He likes to play with others but also respects their space. He is however, a bit too interested in small dogs and cats, and probably should not go to a home with small pets. Because he loves to be with humans, he could probably be an only dog but has up till now always been with other hounds. Chase’s enthusiasm for life and his loving nature make him a wonderful companion. Foster dad Scott


ConnieConnie -- Adopted and living in Riverside
Racing Name: WW's Cost
Age: 3.4 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Connie arrived at the Homecoming a timid and shy girl. It was asked that she be placed in a quiet foster home to give her time to adapt, which is exactly what she got. She rewarded us with a happy dance on her first night and has demonstrated a blossoming of confidence and general cheerful demeanor since then. Connie has very good house manners, especially after accepting the rules of "no counter surfing." She walks perfectly on leash, checking constantly with the human at the end of the leash, as if to be reassured she is doing the right thing. After doing the right thing for over 200 races, she has earned her retirement. She is staying with her foster family, who are very pleased to welcome her with open hearts. Foster mom Samanthe


JulieJulie -- Adopted and living in Sunland
Racing Name: JWs Chanel
Age: 1.5 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Julie came to us as a very shy little girl who had to be carried to the car because she froze and didn't want to walk on the leash. She has been progressing nicely but will still need an adopter who is very sensitive to her needs, and will need to be in a home with another dog who is confident. Her puppy age is coming out and she is very entertaining as she pounces on and tosses toys for herself. She loves to run laps around the yard with the other hounds. When we go for walks, she will pounce on a piece of trash as if it were the best toy ever, then drops it a few steps later. She is still learning how to walk calmly on a leash, she bounces around and faces every direction at times, but she is so tiny, she is easy to control. She loves to play with the miniature pinscher in the foster home as well as the bigger dogs. Dirty laundry is another one of her favorite toys, but she doesn't destroy it, just moves it around. She is making lots of progress but will still not let the foster parents catch her if she has been spooked by something, such as a loud noise, deep voice or a stranger in the house. Foster mom Sandy


UllaUlla -- Adopted and living in Torrance
Racing Name: PJ Ula
Age: 2 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Friendly, energetic, fun loving, 2+ year old Ula loves to be busy. She adjusted quickly to life in her foster home which she shares with a mellow greyhound, a bossy shepherd, 3 bunnies and a geriatric cat. Ula is perfectly house trained,walks well on the leash, loves toys and is learning to play fetch. She attends Camp Run A Mutt sometimes when her foster Mom works and she enjoys playing with the other canine breeds. The camp staff adore her and describe her as really well adjusted. Ulla's does have a desire to stay busy so she probably needs a yard and an active friend that will play with her. Although there are no children in her foster home, Ula loves to meet the neighborhood children when she is out for a walk. Ulla enthusiastically greets each new day at the first sign of dawn and is ready for action. She learns the home routine quickly and tends to become quite vocal if dinner or walks are running more than 10 mins late. Ula will function best in a well organized household with lots of activity to keep her entertained. Foster mom Catherine


JoyJoy -- Adopted and living in Fountain Valley
Racing Name: JJ's Joan Jett
Age: 4.5 Sex: F Color: Red fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Joy is really a joy to live with. She can be a velcro girl part of the time but then will pick a soft bed in the corner and take a nap. She learned very quickly that she had a desire to get hugs and pets so she thinks that is what life is. She lives with two greyhound girls and does fine with them even though they rule the house. She got to spend a long weekend living with a couple of pushy cats and just thought that was fine too! In general, neither cats or small dogs upset her calm demeanor. She is not fond of the dog door even though the other greys use it and instead wants someone to open the big door for her. She goes to a couple Meet & Greet each month and likes everyone she meets even small children who stick their fingers in her mouth and try to hug her. Joy came off the track with a broken leg and will probably be ready for her forever home in late March but until then she loves the life of being a well loved and pampered companion. Foster mom Kathy


HunterHunter -- Adopted and living in Oceanside
Racing Name: Hunter
Age: 2.6 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Hunter is a calm, easy-going boy with a “go with the flow” attitude. He quickly settled into our home following the lead his foster siblings. Our dogs showed him the doggie door and the location of the toys and food bowl, making our job as foster parents a breeze. He is not food or toy possessive. I have stepped over him to open the shutters or windows without any incident. He has had no issues with a large crowd or children. Hunter settles quickly when in a car, usually curling up for a short nap. In addition to the elongated white triangle on his snout, Hunter has white-tipped toes and tail, plus his tail has a slight curl at the end! If you are looking for a great addition to your family during this holiday season, I recommend you take a look at Hunter. Foster parents Chick & Carolyn


EugeneEugene -- Adopted and living in Bakersfield
Racing Name: Mega Eustaquio
Age: 2 3/4 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Eugene is a friendly and fun-loving happy boy who loves hanging out with his foster parents. He likes to collect things and relocate them to a new spot. Maybe he likes to watch his foster parents search the house for the missing objects! Eugene is starting to discover squeaky toys and he is bonding with another big foster boy who shares his exuberant energy. He uses the doggie door and has never tried to raise his leg inside the house. He is doing OK on the leash but he still needs some work to control his excitement and zig zag movements. He loves to eat and has no problem being messed with while he is eating or sleeping. Eugene would love a playmate who is both young enough to enjoy excited playful energy and friendly enough to allow for snuggles and the sharing of doggie beds. Eugene gets nervous when left alone for long periods of time. Eugene travels well and he enjoys going shopping at the pet store and the hardware store. His friendly and gentle nature attracts lots of attention! Eugene probably should not be trusted around cats. He should not live in a household with cats or other small fluffy pets. Eugene greets everyone as his new best friend.


JaclynJaclyn -- Adopted and living in Oxnard
Racing Name: Jazzy Jaclyn
Age: 3.6 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Look out – here comes Jaclyn! She’ll be so glad to see you she’ll snuggle her head into you and give you a few kisses! She’s a petite little girl who loves to go outside on her own and sunbathe. When inside she is happy to put her head on your lap forever if you’ll just keep petting her! When you run out of pets she will be happy to follow you around or curl up for a nap. Jaclyn walks well on leash and is good on car rides. Her favorite things to do are getting ear scritches, eating, emptying the toy basket and sunbathing. Jaclyn world probably prefer to be an only dogs especially if her adopters are home a lot and spend some quality time with her, help her enjoy retirement and keep the love coming. Foster mom Helen.


LadyLady -- Adopted and living in Redondo Beach
Racing Name: Kaias Red Lady
Age: 2.4 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Sweet Lady likes to push her head under your arm and get lots of pets and loving. On car rides she likes to spend some of the time letting the wind blow on her face and then lays down most of the rest of the ride. Lady walks well on the leash. New situations and loud noises can consern her, but once she approaches and checks it out she relaxes and goes back to her relaxed personality. Lady loves toys and will choose her own from the toybox. She tosses them around and eventually deposits them in her ever growing pile on her bed. When not playing she is sleeping or hanging out on one of the beds. She has perfect bathroom manners and uses the dog door to go ouside. Lady would like a forever home with four legged frend for companionship and to play with. Foster mom Wendy.


IgluIglu -- Adopted and living in Garden Grove
Racing Name: Mega Iglu
Age: 3 1/2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Iglu aka Iggie aka Biggie aka BigFoot. Just a big fun loving guy. He enjoys being close to you and will stand endlessly next to you for scritches. He's a bit of a klutz, seems its quite comfortable for him to stand on your foot, but still very polite and steps off if nudged. He does not get on furniture or beds! Toys are okay, but he's more of a tennis ball guy. He will amuse himself in the yard tossing the ball around until it ends up somewhere he can't retrieve it. His broken leg has healed but he is still working on getting the tendons and muscles stretched and still limps a bit. Sometimes he get a bit rambunctious playing with other dogs, so supervision is recommended during those times. He's housebroken to a dog door and has never had accident in the house. His leash walking ability still needs a bit of work since his activity was restricted initially, but overall he does well. Iggie is looking for some excitement, lots of walks and attention. Might do well as an only dog if not alone for extended period of time, he does howl when we leave for a minute even with the other dogs there. Foster mom Sue


LorettaLoretta -- Adopted and living in Newhall
Racing Name: WW's Star Laredo
Age: 1.6 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Loretta is an energetic and enthusiastic little girl. She loves everything! People, dogs, food, toys, you name it! She has a long walk every morning and still has the energy to follow her foster mom around the house to play "May I eat this?" When her foster mom is at work, she shadows the resident beagle around the yard working hard sniffing out clues, solving the mysteries of the backyard. She is perfectly house trained, but is still hashing out the nuances of the dog door. She wakes very early in the morning, and acts as an alarm to the house that it is time to get up and go for a walk. She walks very well on the leash, and can walk long distances without fatigue. Her favorite toys of the moment are oven mitts. She carries them from the house to the yard, and back to her bed. She loves attention, and may give a little girl bark as a reminder that she could use some tummy rubbing and some ear scratching. Loretta loves dogs and humans of all sizes. She would be better suited to a home where there is activity, another dog, opportunity for lots of exercise and a yard to play in. Foster mom Melanie


RocoRoco -- Adopted and living in North Hollywood
Racing Name: Red Rococo
Age: 1.8 Sex: M Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Roco is a confident, gentle greyhound. The only thing that really excites Roco is the sight of the next meal! Roco is a real foodie! He starts prancing and barking when there's food around. Roco spends most days lounging at work with his foster mom who works at a doggy daycare and he isn't bothered at all by the big dogs or the little yappers. Roco's an excellent roacher and loves hanging with his feet in the air. He plays well with toys but needs a sturdy toy, so it doesn't get destroyed. He's is walked regularly and is quickly learning proper leash skills. Roco lives with some cats too but he really can't be bothered with them. He just ignores them all together. Roco is beautiful boy and would make a lovely addition to any home; either as a single dog whose parents were around quite a bit or moving in with another pack.


FonzFonz -- Adopted and living in Long Beach
Racing Name: JMB'S Fonz
Age: 2.8 Sex: M Color: Red brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Fonz is a super outgoing, friendly, playful boy who loves hanging out with his foster parents. He likes to meet new people and has discovered chew toys and rawhides (although he isn't a chewer by any means). He uses the doggie door and is great on a leash. He loves to eat and has no problem being messed with while he is eating or sleeping, though he does tend to gulp down his food when he's excited. Fonz would love a playmate who is both young enough to enjoy his excited playful energy and friendly enough to allow for snuggles and the sharing of doggie beds. However, he may be fine as an only dog if his people were not gone long hours. He does get really lonely if left for long periods of time. Fonz travels well in a car and lays right down in the backseat like an angel. He LOVES walking in crowded areas and has a tendency to try to get petted by every stranger walking by. Fonz's adopter will have to be just as friendly if they live in a busy area! His friendly and gentle nature attracts lots of attention. If not watched he can have a tendency to try to jump on people when he's over excited. Fonz is keenly interested in squirrels and small white fluffy critters, although he has never lunged at them. Fonz greets everyone as his new best friend. Foster mom Jillian.



BartleyBartley -- Adopted and living in Bakersfield
Racing Name: Barts Whosurpal
Age: 1.5 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Bartley is a fast learner, who is already potty trained, with never an accident since arriving to his foster home. He shows no food, toy, or bed aggression. Bartley is a shy boy, who needs confidence building, lots of love and someone to provide life experiences for him so that his curiosity is fulfilled. Bartley is still learning to walk on a leash without pulling and to respond to his name (which can be Bart, Bartie, or Barkley). He resides, very well, with two other greyhounds, one male, another female. He could be an only child or a member of a pack. This young boy is sweet and lovable, who will be a great member of your family. He loves to play with his toys and chew on dental chews. Foster mom Jane


MajicMajic -- Adopted and living in Long Beach
Racing Name: Magic Littleways
Age: 3.5 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Majic is a smallish black fun loving Greyhound. He gets along with other dogs and seems to be content being near the back of the pack. He is the sweet submissive type for the most part. Majic is a great retriever and loves to play fetch with tennis balls. (A plus if there is a squeaker inside) He will do best with other large dogs or on his own. He has not yet completely figured out that small dogs are not rabbits. It's all fun and games with him but he may scare the little guys who don't tell him off or hold their ground. At home you will always find Majic laying down in the middle of the room wherever the people are. He is ready to jump in the car on a moments notice or go for a walk. Although Majic lives in an adult household he has frequently mingled with children of all ages. Like most Greyhounds he is a bit more sensitive than a "typical" family dog but the loud noises, commotion, and fast moving little people don't bother him. Foster dad Steve


Little BearLittle Bear -- Adopted and living in Encino
Racing Name: WW's Little Bear
Age: 1.9 Sex: F Color: Red Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

With only 12 races in her career, Little Bear still has all the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy. Being puppy-like, everything is new to her and she is learning to be a good dog, but will need her adopter's full attention in order to succeed. She is friendly and sweet, and enjoys throwing toys around then collecting them in the backyard along with the TV remote, a blanket, and reading glasses. She learns quickly and now respects the water bottle. Her foster home doesn't have a doggie door, but she quickly learned to "go" outside. She has never had an accident in the house and even wakes up her foster Mom in the middle of the night if she has to go out. She is quick like a fox so the adopted family will need to keep an eye on her to prevent her from slipping out the door with them. She is staying with four female Greyhounds in her foster home and gets along fine with them. She could be an only dog, however, because she already thinks she is one. We are practicing walking on a leash because her puppy-like enthusiasm sometimes causes her to pull and she’s learning fast. She will make a great companion for an experienced adopter who will have time to walk her and play with her every day until she matures. Foster mom Janet


MamboMambo -- Adopted and living in Upland
Racing Name: Johnny's Mambo
Age: 4.2 Sex: M Color: Red brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Mambo is loving the retired life! He happily lounges on any soft bed and a chew treat puts an expression of sheer bliss on his face. He's a gentle sweet natured boy who is now called "Sweet Mambo" by his foster mom. He has patiently tolerated the high energy of his 1 year old greyhound foster brother and was afraid of his non-greyhound foster sister, but now really enjoys her and her calmer style of play. Mambo is a curious boy, so those fantastic ears are often at "full-attention". He's a quick learner and would probably learn how to use a doggy door very easily. Meal times may be his favorite time of the day and he does an amazing imitation of a springbok as he follows his bowl to his feeding place! He's really quite a gentleman and has learned how to wait his turn in the pack order for feeding time. He shows no food or bed aggression and happily makes sure any leftovers in the other doggy bowls don't go to waste! He crates up easily when needed and relaxes there without any problem. Mambo enjoys walks and quickly became good on the leash once he understood what was expected of him. He is getting more and more used to non-greyhounds he sees on his neighborhood walks. He takes to car rides well, but a barrier is helpful because he wants to be right up front with the driver! He is an affectionate boy that loves to be near his foster mom at all times. Tail wags, seeking out affection and love nibbles are now a regular thing. He is learning that some of those love nibbles can hurt and we are correcting that behavior quickly. Playing with toys is sure to follow very soon! Mambo could do well with other dogs, but could also easily be an only dog if his forever family people worked from home, or better yet, could take him to work. Foster mom Shelley


BartleyBartley -- Adopted and living in Bakersfield
Racing Name: Barts Whosurpal
Age: 1.5 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Bartley is a fast learner, who is already potty trained, with never an accident since arriving to his foster home. He shows no food, toy, or bed aggression. Bartley is a shy boy, who needs confidence building, lots of love and someone to provide life experiences for him so that his curiosity is fulfilled. Bartley is still learning to walk on a leash without pulling and to respond to his name (which can be Bart, Bartie, or Barkley). He resides, very well, with two other greyhounds, one male, another female. He could be an only child or a member of a pack. This young boy is sweet and lovable, who will be a great member of your family. He loves to play with his toys and chew on dental chews. Foster mom Jane


AngelAngel -- Adopted in Corona
Racing Name: Razor Angel
Age: 3 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Angel is a big, beautiful, young boy – a puppy with a heart (and coat and eyes) of gold. He has plenty of energy for exploring and playing, but (like all good greyhounds) he also knows how to be mellow and he loves his naps and down time. Within minutes of coming into our house, he had found the toy box. He entertains himself by carrying toys from room to room and then rearranging them. He is confident about the world without being bossy, and he gets along extremely well with the other greyhounds in the house. As he settles in, he is trying to engage a bit more with the three resident cats, but is learning to respect the fact that they don’t really want to play with him. Angel is very affectionate and likes to put his head in people’s laps to be petted. He also likes cuddles of all kinds and would probably climb into your lap with a little encouragement. Because of his size and his puppy enthusiasm, he might be too much for small children or small dogs, but he would probably enjoy older kids and certainly would appreciate an active household and people who are willing to give him long walks and plenty of exercise. Angel is a happy, good-natured boy just waiting to show off what a great companion he will be.


SunnySunny -- Adopted and living in Newbury Park
Racing Name: SWG evening sun
Age: 4.3 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Sunny is extremely gentle and well behaved. He is housebroken but needs to go out every few hours so having a dog door would be great. He is fantastic on a leash and enjoys his walks and car rides, although he needs help getting into the car. Sunny is still adjusting to retirement but becoming more comfortable with new sights, sounds and people, everyday. He shares a home with 2 small dogs and does very well with them. He has started to play with toys and enjoys squeaking them and tossing them up into the air. Sunny loves meal time and is a total chow-hound. He enjoys his kibble and a variety of treats but has showed no interest in hard treats like raw hides or bully treats. He will not take a treat from my hand but will smell it and get excited as I place it on the floor or his bed. He has been left home alone several times and he has showed no signs of separation anxiety and although he enjoys his Chihuahua siblings, he may be OK as an only dog if his people are around quite a bit. Foster mom Tania.


PaganPagan -- Adopted and living in Irvine
Racing Name: Mega Pagan
Age: 3 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Pagan loves nothing better than a good ear rub. He spends a lot of time off by himself on a nice thick dog bed. He could possibly be an only dog if not left by himself all day. He has little reaction to his four foster sisters and not really interested in toys yet. On a sleep over with a couple of grey guys, he found the boys were fun to play with. He was respectful with RICKY the cat, while he stayed there. Responded to the word NO when the cat walked through. Pagan learned the stairs with his leg in a cast with no problem at all and the doggy door in a day without accidents. He rides well in the car, which was good with trips weekly for cast changes. Pagan has a huge overbite and has a big toothy Greyt smile. The only time he seems to get upset is around small kids. He hides behind me and wants to walk away. Pagan is a great dog that we would love to keep if we could. That smile just melts you heart. Foster mom Jen.


TazTaz -- Adopted and living in Bakersfield
Racing Name: RF Tazmaniamoney
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Taz is a very easy going boy with long legs and soft expressive brown eyes. He loves car rides and he walks well on the leash with happy tail wags, just oozing interest in everything and everyone. We call him Mr. Curiosity because he is very busy checking out everything in his environment. He is learning about counter tops and still has some struggles with a little separation anxiety. Taz loves to use the doggie door but he is sometimes unsure about going outside or staying inside with the resident Mom & Dad. He enjoys playing with squeaky toys and tug-of-war games with his foster Dad. Taz is very gentle when accepting treats and he has no food aggression. He has shown excited curiosity when meeting a small Chihuahua but has never shown aggression. Taz is a very bright and loving young boy who would be a devoted companion. He loves to cuddle and hang out with his foster Mom & Dad but he may need close supervision with small animals and greeting visitors at the door. Foster mom Loalea.


PoppyPoppy -- Adopted and living in La Cañada Flintridge
Racing Name: Mega Popcorn
Age: 4.1 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/N

Yes, lets talk about the perfect retiree! Poppy is that girl and she brings it all in one adorable, floppy-eared package! She is happy, bouncy, kissy, and confident without being pushy or demanding. She will occasionally find something that is a little “scary” but she usually gets over it pretty quickly and is back to her happy-self. She greets everyone as if they had come just to see her—including all the staff at the vet’s office when she had her spay done! Good on a leash, quiet in her ex-pen at night, wonderful with the others in the pack—the only drawback this girl has is that she prefers to use the human door than learn the dog door. I think she can be an only dog, especially if her people are home most of the time because she really doesn’t care if the other dogs are around, but she LOVES interacting with her people. I have never heard a growl or grump from her, even when the other dogs flop onto her bed or get near her food bowl. She is still learning to take treats from my hand but she is improving each day when we do morning “cookies”. Foster mom Deb



CloudCloud -- Adopted and living in Temescal Valley
Racing Name: JMB's Cloud
Age: 2.2 Sex: M Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Cloud is a big, tall, strong, shy boy who loves to play with our resident big, strong not-shy boy. He has a healthy appetite and has no food, toy, sleep or bed aggression and is tolerant of our two resident sassy, loud cats. He learned quickly not to counter-surf. He is still learning about letting his foster mom know when he needs to go out. He has a lot of energy to burn and he is learning how to walk on a leash without pulling. He causes a stir whenever we walk him with his foster brother because he is so big and has such a unique coat. He doesn’t like little dogs, but gets along with larger dogs. He likes to sleep where he can see his foster people. He has been left alone with his foster brother for several hours but would probably not be a good only dog. He and his foster brother love to zoom next to each other to see who can go in the tightest circles but there is never any biting or growling. The ideal situation for Cloud would be a home with another, friendly dog, a nice yard for burning off some energy and a family to cuddle and spoil him. Foster Mom Susan