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The greyhounds featured below have been adopted since July 1, 2014 (most recent adoptions at the top).

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PebblesPebbles -- Adopted and living in Anaheim
Racing Name: WW's Fastrackpebble
Age: 3 1/2 Sex: F Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Pebbles is just a super greyhound girl. Though she is only 3.5 she raced 114 times starting in Florida before moving to Caliente. She is a very pretty girl with a small body and a nice personality. From the moment she walked into her foster home she has acted like she was always there. She uses the dog door with ease, loves to ride in the car and to play with the other greyhounds in the family. Beside two greyhound boys, her house mates also include as very small dog and some grandchildren that come to visit. She just seems to love everyone. She plays with the dog toys and loves to rest on any soft surface. Sometimes she has to just prove she is a girl by giving the male greys a bit of lip or standing over them. They just ignore her as they should. She likes to greet her foster mom after she has been out with a little bit of greyhound talk!


PlayerPlayer -- Adopted and living in Orange
Racing Name: Mega Player
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Player is a loving, adventurous, and silly boy. He loves a good adventure whether it be a simple walk around the block or a car trip to the pet store. He is beginning to understand toys and playing and has a favorite stuffed bear he takes to bed every night. He walks well on a leash and is housebroken. He is fostered as an only dog and does well when left by himself. He loves to eat and loves a Kong with some yummy treats inside. He bonded very quickly to his foster parents and loves following them around the house to see what they’re up to. He is making progress with cats but still needs work. He responds well to “no” but doesn’t know much else in the way of commands yet. He does well around strangers and new places but is just as comfortable at home on his pillow napping. Foster dad Josh.


RitaRita -- Adopted and living in Upland
Racing Name: Boc's Realityhit
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Rita is a beautiful, affectionate brindle girl with a cute bashful side. She blends very well with her two foster brothers but she would be great as an only dog and is more alpha when around other females. She walks very well in a pack and is almost perfect when walking alone. She rides well in the car and has learned to jump in the back of the SUV. She is well behaved when left alone and is very excited to see you when you return. She does not have a doggie door but has never had an accident in the house and walks to the door when she needs to go. She is very well behaved at home. This is a great girl! Foster dad Scott.


FireflyFirefly -- Adopted and living in Oak Park
Racing Name: Rovers Firefly
Age: 5 1/2 Sex: F Color: Red Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Firefly is a sweet, smart, affectionate Low key little girl. Gives deference to older, 11 yr. old male greyhound "brother." Learning quickly to ride in the car without scratching windows, standing up the entire ride. Still needs help jumping up into the car. Very interested in new surroundings. learning to play with a ball. Not sure about squeaky toys, yet. Great on walks, doesn't pull usually. Seems ok with small dogs and small creatures. No real experience with cats. Potty trained herself from day one. Very loving!! Gives lots of kisses at appropriate times. Loves to eat. No loose stools. Really seems to love her new "freedom." Foster dad Rod


FrankieFrankie -- Adopted and living in Clovis
Racing Name: Financial Impact
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Light Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Frankie is a very handsome boy with his uniquely colored brindle coat. He rides extremely well in a car, settling down quickly into a sitting or lying position. He is a timid boy but will follow the lead of his foster siblings. He is beginning to approach us for some love and interaction, and I believe will eventually build his self-confidence. Frankie is not food possessive, loves to play with our other greys, likes stuffed animals, and has never had an accident in our house. He does use the doggie door. Because of Frankie’s shyness, I recommend he enters a home with other greyhounds. Foster mom Carolyn


AmyAmy -- Adopted and living in Huntington Beach
Racing Name: Mega Amazon
Age: 2 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Amy is an exuberant, playful, and affectionate young lady. She loves to play at the drop of a hat and will entertain herself by throwing toys all around the room if there is no one willing to play with her. Her antics are hilarious. Amy sleeps, romps, and walks with the three other greys in the pack and has even shared her bed with the family cat. This delightful, petite girl makes friends with everyone whether human or animal. She is smart, quick to learn new things and is a sweet companion. Amy loves car rides and short walks to the park. She is confident, curious, and outgoing. She might do well as an only dog if someone is home to spend time with her. Foster mom Cindy


BeamerBeamer -- -- Adopted and living in Anaheim Hills
Racing Name: Xtrem Beatrice
Age: 2 3/4 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Beamer is everything you expect a greyhound to be: affectionate, happy and confident. He enjoys his playtime with the others in his foster home, but can also go off by himself and just relax. Never a counter-surfer, gently takes treats from your hand and waits his turn. He can be quite a goofy guy—tossing his toys in the air and pouncing on them when they land. He is an excellent passenger in the car—usually just lies down and enjoys the trip. Still a little “wandering” on the leash, but he is learning and getting better all the time. He could probably be okay as an only but will enjoy having a companion also.


CocoCoco -- Adopted and living in La Verne
Racing Name: Barts Cece
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Coco’s nickname is busy bee. She is a very active little girl who loves all people and dogs. She loves to squeak her toys as soon as the sun is up. She likes to play with all sizes of dogs and plays much longer than the average greyhound. She is very smart and learns quickly, especially when food is involved. She pulls a bit on the leash but we are working on that. And Coco really does not like cats. Foster mom Sandy



EbonBen -- Adopted and living in Riverside
Racing Name: (Unknown)
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Ben (Ebon) is a wonderful, exuberant puppy who is playing with toys, doing okay on the leash and loves to eat. He will squeak toys but really prefers to play with a person, and seems to be especially attached to men. He has done very well with potty training. Ben does a lot of pacing through the house, but he does respond when we tell him "lay down," and certainly understands and responds to "no"! Some of his pacing is looking for the cat. He needs to know where he is every moment but backs away as soon as he finds the hissy thing! I think Ben would be more comfortable in a home without cats. He gets very excited when he sees small dogs, but he has been fine with the ones he has met. Foster mom Marcia.


MissouriMissouri -- Adopted and living in Ontario
Racing Name:
Missouri Mauler
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: White with ticking
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

GreySave’s phone rings and it’s a call from the race track in Tucson. The “Missouri Mauler” has broken his leg doing what these dogs love doing best – running. So off go his new foster parents on a mad dash through the desert to pick him up. A drop off at the orthopedic vet for surgery the next day follows. The fun begins when he goes home and begins the magic transformation into a loving pet. This hound gives any human he meets 110% love. Just be careful of his over-active, spring-loaded happy tail. Lots of weekly trips to the Vet means he is the first to lie down in the car. It was no time at all before he had mastered tile floors, mirrors, and the dog door. One of the other greyhounds in the home has taught him the finer points of letting all of us know when someone comes to visit. In fact, for a small male he has a very big and deep bark. He has now moved on to toys.  Emptying the basket one by one, he deposits them around the house, squeaking them as he goes.


OchoOcho -- Adopted and living in Santa Clarita
Racing Name: Mega Ochopee
Age: 3 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Ocho is a very sweet, slightly timid, girl who really wants to please her people. She has never had an accident in the house and will wait to be let out to do her business even though she knows all about the doggie door. She gets along well with the three male greyhounds in the family and has learned that her foster mom is the pack leader so she can relax and not worry about what those big boy dogs might be up to. When Ocho first came to the house she was showing some bossy or dominant traits especially toward the small family dog but is much better now that she learned that Tinker Bell was not a stuffed toy. She now pretty much ignores the small dog and focuses on keeping her people happy. She really does want to be good, be praised and petted and just please everyone. Ocho is easy to walk on a leash plus rides well in the car. Now that she has discovered them Ocha really does like to play with squeaky toys, to collect them and admire them as treasures. Her foster mom feels that Ocho should live with dogs that are closer to her size or large enough so she does not mistake them for toys. Foster mom Joyce


RustyRusty -- Adopted and living in Victorville
Racing Name: Razorsammy
Age: 3 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Rusty -- Add the word klutz to a big male goof ball and you have Rusty. A real pro at counter surfing he was a quick to learn that this is is not allowed. In fact all the lessons of being a wellbehaved greyhound were learned in two days or less. Being a real trooper he never did have an accident in the house or even mark. His cast has not slowed this boy down, as he enjoys taking short morning walks with the other greys he lives with. He will pull at first but then settles down and walks very nicely on leash. He most enjoys evenings with the humans. While they sip a cool one on the patio he always makes it a point to join them by taking a nap on the grass. Weekly trips to the vet, as well as frequent trips to mom and dad's office, have made him a real pro at car rides. Never once has he tried to use the sofa or a chair for a bed, as he is most happy on one of the 5 dog beds located throughout the house. Other dogs are not an issue with him when he meets them on our walks, or even if they bark at him from behind a fence or gate. As Rusty is happiest when with his foster mom or dad, and the other greys, he would not do well as an only dog. He always needs a buddy. As an added feature this hound gives you big smiles when he gets excited and is also starting to show interest in toys. Foster Dad Jay.


HerculesHercules -- Adopted and living at Lake Sherwood
Racing Name: Bella Pahrump
Age: 3 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Hercules is a wonderfully calm loving boy! He has gotten along with everyone that he has met. He had a hard time learning the stairs, but has conquered them (quite ungracefully!) He has fallen in the pool multiple times and has chosen to swim around for a minute or so before going to the stairs. He eats really well and walks on leash well also, even with all the enthusiasm of a younger pup. Hercules loves to be with his foster canines and his humans equally. I've never had a foster that has taken to playing with toys and play bowing with the resident greyhounds so quickly after exiting his track life. He is excited when his humans come home from an outing but waits patiently to be acknowledged. Hercules is the perfect gentleman and this foster mom will be sad to see him go as he has brought many smiles to this family! Not long after Hercules came to GreySave his foster mom noticed that he seemed to have vision issues especially in the dark. He went to the eye doctor and has was diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy. We have ordered him some special ocular vitamins that should help him stay healthy. I know a sight hound with vision problems seems strange but they do get a lot of sand and debris in their eyes when they are blasting around the track. In spite of his slight vision problems he has learned the lay of the land and races around the yard with the other hounds. He also seems to be smarter hound and quick learner but would do best in a house with no indoor stairs! Hercules is confident in his abilities and might do ok as an only dog as long as his humans are around and not gone all day for work. Foster mom Gwen


MandiMandi -- Adopted and living in La Palma
Racing Name: Volando Mandy
Age: 1 1/2 Sex: F Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Mandi has adjusted well to her new life off the racetrack. She is a puppy and is full of energy. She has mastered the dog door and has discovered the box of dog toys. Mandi gets along well with our other greyhound and does well with other dogs in social situations, but she needs to be watched around our cats as she does show some interest. Her broken toe has not been an issue with her playfulness and inquisitive nature. Mandi does well on lead and will make a great walking partner once she learns who's the boss. She is every bit a diamond in the rough.


HollyHolly -- Adopted and living in Pasadena
Racing Name: Last two bucks
Age: 3 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Holly is quite the character. She broke her front leg at the Tucson track just before Christmas and was able to get a nice couple to bring her part way to California to meet the GreySave hauler. Luckily someone at the Tucson track knew that GreySave would take a broken girl and that we had the vets and financial resources to get her fixed. From the moment our hauler team met her she was all charm and wiggles. She is a jet black, kissy, sweet girl that wants to get along with everyone she meets. Holly is now recovering from the break and surgery and is out of her bandages. She has strict orders to walk several times a day to make the strengthen the long bone. That's good because she loves to go walking. She lives with three other greys and is happy to be part of the sleep, eat and walk team. She likes sqeaky toys and to tote odd pieces of clothing, trash or plastic parts around. She does not damage anything just likes to tote them. She cannot stand to have any toys left in the toy box and they must be on the rug. Holly loves to go to Meet and Greets to say hi and today met all sorts of small and furry canines. Holly has someone very interested in her but is not yet ready to leave the rehab foster home. Foster mom Cathy.


KingsleyKingsley -- Adopted and living in Long Beach
Racing Name: Mega Calamity
Age: 1 1/2 Sex: M Color: White and fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Kingsley is a bouncy, playful, puppy with endless curiosity. He is best suited for an experienced Greyhound family who knows how to assert their leadership on time. Kingsley currently lives with several other dogs. He does not always know his limits with the seniors in the house and can get into trouble with the older dogs. It would be ideal if Kingsley could have a friend his age to keep him properly entertained. Kingsley has mastered the crating and automatically goes to his "bedroom" to sleep quietly all night. He continues to perfect his lead training however because of his swift and sometimes bolting movements, continued training on the lead is a must. Kingsley loves the playful movements of children yet he is best suited for a family where the children are older. Kingsley is very smart and is easily corrected when necessary. Little by little he has abandoned his counter surfing attempts, dumpster diving and cleptomaniac ways. The days since his first potty training accident are gone, and he is using the doggy door like an old pro. Kingsley is such an entertaining pup. He only wants to please and is all waggy-tail when his family returns. Sometimes his enthusiastic welcome results in unnecessary jumping on the human. Providing him with a treat upon return has taught Kingsley to avoid this habit and keep all four on the ground. He does have puppy chewing tendencies so be sure to keep those ever important chew toys around. In fact, keeping plenty of toys around is an easy fix to keeping Kingsley from taking things that are perhaps not his. Not to mention he is the funniest when tossing his toys aimlessly in the air. Most adorable and special, is the neck snuggle with his foster mom when it's simply time to say...I love you. Foster mom Roberta


KirbyKirby -- Adopted and living in Ontario
Racing Name: BF Kiowa Will
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: M Color: White and black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Kirby is a sweet, affectionate, and energetic boy who loves being around people. His first favorite thing in life is eating, but attention and snuggles from people is a close second. He's adapted well to life in the house and gets along great with his greyhound buddies. His love for food makes him eager to learn new things for rewards. Kirby shows no interest in neighborhood cats and is good with small dogs. He doesn't chew but will look around for anything delicious within reach. Kirby is fearless on hardwood floors, stairs, and can get into surprisingly small spaces. He's picking up the idea of toys but doesn't yet get that "bring it" is an integral part of fetch. Kirby's ideal home would have lots of love and attention and another four legged friend. Foster dad Matt.


LillyLilly -- Adopted and living in Long Beach
Racing Name: WW's Souix
Age: 1 3/4 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

This wonderful dog smiled at me when I picked her up at homecoming! Lilly loves meeting people and is overjoyed when around children. How we wish we had room for one more! She gets along quite well with our small dogs and enjoys hanging out with our resident greys. Cats are not a problem either. Lilly loves squeaky toys and treats. However she is a messy eater! No accidents in our house and we do not have a dog door. She is learning leash manners and is doing very well. She is bright, learning "Stay" and "No". She stills wants to check out the trash can and enjoys a good book - to chew on that is. But that was my fault, not hers. Lilly is a brindle beauty with expressive eyes. Foster mom, Linda


BoltonBolton -- Adopted and living in Eagle Rock
Racing Name: Volando Yelton
Age: 1 1/2 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

What a great pup Bolton is! He's so easy and fun to have around! Bolton is a master roacher and spends most of his time napping with his feet wiggling in the air above his head. When he isn't snoozing, Bolton loves to take walks and is wonderful on a leash. He also loves stuffy toys. He enjoys having his foster parents throw them for him or he can entertain himself. Bolton lives with two senior greyhounds, a shepherd mix, and cats. He's seems to enjoy being around them but is mostly interested in the whereabouts of his people. He naps in the kitchen while his foster mom works in there and enjoys playing with his foster dad while he tries to do yoga. Bolton is a great eater and let out a regular intervals, as we don't have a doggie door, has had no accidents in the house. Bolton also travels well in the car. This boy is an excellent companion and would be fine as an only dog provided he's not left alone for long periods of time. Foster mom Maggie


TonyaTonya -- Adopted and living in Glendale
Racing Name: Mega Tolerate
Age: 1 1/2 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Tonya is a youthful charmer who elicits "oohs & aahs" wherever she meets people. This very social girl has a lot of confidence and takes well to correction when needed. Learning the routine of living in retirement came very quickly to her. The cats made her curious, but a "hiss" was all it took to get her to be respectful. She walks well on leash and is not bothered by anything she meets along the way. She rides well in the car and often falls asleep during the ride. Tonya will easily curl up with her housemates, but often prefers a place where she can be near her foster mom. She will do well as an only dog, provided she is not left alone for long periods. Foster mom Samanthe.


DuncanDuncan -- Adopted and living in Woodland Hills
Racing Name: WW's Duncan
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Black brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

For being as young as he is, Duncan is amazingly calm and easygoing. He loves new people, the more the merrier, no matter what their age, and greets everyone with a wagging tail. He's always up for a walk, but waits quietly to get his leash on, and after the first few yards, walks sedately by your side with no reminders. His roman nose and different colored eyes make him an unusual looking greyhound, and though he had a mark on his nose from where the muzzle rubbed (greyhounds aren't supposed to have noses shaped like that.!:) , it is healing nicely, and barely noticeable. Duncan rides well in the car, and lays down after the first 10 minutes of looking out of the window with curiosity. He is very food driven, eats well, and will come instantly our of a sound sleep at the sound of a refrigerator opening. He would love to help you finish your dinner, but responds well to a squirt bottle reminder. He seems to do wellith all kinds of people and dogs. At Meet and Greets he is only mildly interested in the dogs passing by, and fits in well with whatever assortment of greys are in the x pen. I think Duncan would be a great addtion to any family, but could not be an only dog unless his people were around most of the time. Even with the other dogs asleep in the living room, he still follows his foster mom from room to room where ever she goes. I would think his ideal forever home would be one with other greys to hang out with, and lots of pets and snuggles from his family. He is really a great dog!! Foster mom Judy


ElannaElanna -- Adopted and living in Los Angeles
Racing Name: Bella Elegant
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Elanna is a graceful and beautiful princess. She started off quite shy but is evolving nicely and will continue to do so in her new home. She definitely follows the lead when the other hounds come up for attention. She has jumped up into the bed to snuggle with us on occasion. She can be afraid of men initially but has warmed up to the foster dad over time. She walks very nicely on a leash, but is startled by loud noises, so the adopters need to be extra careful when walking her. We walk her in a harness and collar coupled together. She is also startled by quick movements or loud voices or noises in the house, but will usually come back to check it out after a minute or so. She does love to play with her toys and prances around with them many times throughout the day. She could care less about cats. Foster mom Sandy


OnyxOnyx -- Adopted and living in Chino Hills
Racing Name: OMG Onyx
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: N/N

Onyx is an fun and loving pup to have around. He rides great in the car checks things out then spends the remainder of the trip laying down. He walks wonderfully on the leash, but could use some work on his zig zag pattern. Loud noises or lots of excitement don't phase him. He's very friendly. When he is in new environment he will check it all out but in a cautious manner. He does roo and roach both are quite charming. He has no problem sharing food and no issue with you bothering him while sleeping or on his bed. Onyx would love to have a playmate. He trys to get his foster brothers, a greyhound and a basset, to play but they wont. It did take Onyx a while to relax in his new environment. He no longer whines when anxious and is beginning to enjoy playing with toys. Yes, it was a big adjustment from Florida to Tucson and then to California. He is going to make a wonderful family member and is looking for his Forever Home but that would be without cats and small fluffy dogs. Kids are just fine though. Foster mom Wendy.


ScarlettScarlett/Esther -- Adopted and living in Palmdale
Racing Name: Esther Presley
Age: 6 Sex: F Color: Light fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/TBD

Scarlett is a happy, adorable girl who smiles on command and has no problem asking for attention. She can be quite bouncy and busy if you rev her up but then she will lie down next to you while you work in the office. She absolutely loves playing with two of her pack mates and occasionally will toss a toy around the house or yard. She started out whining when one of us would leave the house, but that seems to be improving significantly now. She has been a little reticent about approaching visitors in the foster home but adapted to us in just a couple of hours, so I don’t think it will take her long to settle into her new home. Ideally, there would be at least one other dog there for company if her owners work. She completely ignored a visiting pug and we think she previously lived with a puggle and a Boxer mix. Foster mom Deb


ZamoraZamora -- Adopted and living in Sylmar
Racing Name: Mega Zamora
Age: 3 Sex: F Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Zamora is a white, brindle spotted beauty who is very loving and a bit shy at times. She's happy to see you come home and loves meal time! She loves toys and gets along great with her two foster brothers. Zamora is not alpha and is somewhat sensitive to being corrected for her mistakes but learns quickly. She loves walks and walks very well in the pack and rides well in the car. We believe she would be great for a first time Greyhound owner and would be fine being the only dog. We believe she would be great for a first time Greyhound owner and would be fine being the only dog. You can't help but loving her. Foster dad Rich


DannyDanny -- Adopted and living in Woodland Hills
Racing Name: WW’s Dauntless
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Light fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Danny is an energetic, happy hound. He loves meeting new people and gets very excited when guests arrive. Danny is such a character too! He flops on the ground, rolls on his back, and wiggles his feet in the air while waiting for belly rubs and ear scratches. He's so much fun to engage. He loves stuffy toys and cookies too. Danny is house-trained and has never had an accident in the house. We don't have a doggie door, so we let him out every few hours. He sleeps through the night, and much like the typical greyhound, is an excellent napper. Danny is excellent on a leash and enjoys his walks. Danny came to GreySave with dislocated toes in one foot, so his walks are still a bit short and he doesn't have a tremendous amount of stamina yet. Danny lives with two senior greyhounds, a shepherd mix, and cats. He gets along well with everyone. Danny would make an excellent companion for someone who has time to engage him during his quick bursts of energy with a romp in the yard or regular walks. Foster mom Maggie


BlueBlue -- Adopted and living in Paso Robles
Racing Name: Mitey Ravage
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Blue is very energetic and loves to play fetch the toy or chase the ball. As busy as he is, he rides more calmly in the car than any hound I've ever transported - he just curls up until you get where you're going. He likes using the dog door and does his business outside. He gets along very well with our two male greys and I have never heard him growl or show any sign of food, toy or sleep aggression. Once he figured out our chihuahua is actually a dog, he has been fine with her. He's a very happy boy and would be a fun companion for someone with time to play and walk or hike with him. He is also very good with kids. Foster mom Joyce.


PollyPolly -- Adopted and living in Whittier
Racing Name: Jw´s Power Boat
Age: 2 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Polly is a wonderful dog. She has integrated well into the household. She still learning her name is Polly but understand that the more generic commands of "uh uh, no, and stay" should be obeyed. Interestingly she tries to avoid the cats that are walking around the house. She actually just looks away from them. She may want to play with them but they don't share that desire. She eats well and has a schedule for outside drains and dumps. Has had only one accident. Has free rein in the house at times but we are always on guard when the freedom includes the cats. She is walked twice a day, morning and evening and is getting used to her environments. She has heart! She knows we are her family and has especially bonded to her dad. Polly greets her family with smiles and a wagging tag. She loves her bed and toys. Though she is young but it seems like she has always been with us. Foster mom Briana


QueenieQueenie -- Adopted and living in Irvine
Racing Name: Mega Queensland
Age: 3 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Queenie is adjusting to retirement from the track very nicely. She discovered toys the very first evening! Queenie just turned three years old and has a very soft, black coat with a white chest and white toes. She gets along very well with the 2 resident greyhounds and 2 small dogs. Curious about the cats, but very respectful. She walks nicely on leash and enjoys being out and about. She likes getting in the car and going places. Her house manners are coming along nicely and she has adjusted quickly to the house routine. She has had no accidents in the house. She's a bright girl and likes to be where you are. Foster mom Linda


SuzanneSuzanne -- Adopted and living in Upland
Racing Name: Suzanne Somers
Age: 5 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Suzanne is a very sweet but timid girl. She likes to lick you as a special greeting when she gets excited to see you and also if she's feeling brave. She is learning how retirement feels and I think she is enjoying it. She has Tigger, a sweet greyhound and recent retiree, teaching her the things that pets need to know. He taught her the stairs and the going out to potty places in our yard. We have had no accidents with her. She has a good appetite. But not too interested in toys yet. She perks up when Tigger squeaks a toy but she has not played yet. She is still looking for her safe zone and wants to be in an x pen or crate for comfort. She does enjoy the cool floor to lay on when she is feeling calm. She walks well on a leash and enjoys going for walks. She is teaching Tigger manners in walking. She will probably be ok as a only dog if her parents are not gone a lot. She has been a good girl to foster for our first foster experience. Foster mom Holly