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PLEASE NOTE: We've found that people who choose a dog based on a photo and brief profile such as those below often don't end up with the best dog for their lifestyle and family. So rather than let adopters pick the dog they want from these profiles, our adoption representatives use all the information we have on each dog to help adopters find just the right dog. Our goal is always a match that's great for both dog and family. Please allow us to help you find the best greyhound for you.

  • Some of the dogs below are ready for adoption, while others are being prepared. Contact Cathy Kiburtz about availability.
  • Adoption Pending dogs are about to be adopted. Foster to Adopt dogs likely will be adopted by their foster home.
  • The bottom of this page explains how we rate a dog's small dog or cat tolerance.
  • See the Adopted page for recent adoptions. From that page you can jump to info on every dog we've adopted since the beginning.
  • Interested in adopting a greyhound? Complete the adoption application.
  • Thanks go to Cynthia Frederick for most of the greyhound portraits.


Cha ChaCha Cha
Racing Name: Chaching Babling
Age: 2.6 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: N/N

Sweet little Cha-Cha dances around the house with her toys and other items that she finds fun to play with. She loves people, is not a bit shy and could possibly become a lap dog. So far she hasn't shown any interest in jumping on furniture or beds which we (meaning my greys) think is a good thing. Cha-Cha does pretty well on leash and enjoys going to work with me and meeting new friends. She will howl for a minute when we leave but settles down quickly. She probably would do best with another dog in the home. Mastering the dog door took a couple of hours once she was able to be loose with her splint. The broken leg has healed and she is scheduled for hardware removal on June 1st. She's a smart girl and learns quickly. Never misses out on treats and will eat or drink anything within her reach. We are working on that, but unattended she will steal food. Cha-Cha is a "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" kinda gal. She has a ton of love and amusement to offer her new family! Foster mom Sue


AlinaAlina -- Adoption pending
Racing Name: Atascocita Alina
Age: 7 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Alina's first career was as a stellar racer which propelled her into her next career as a "broodie" where she once again shined giving birth to 3 litters of puppies, the final one being in July of this year. Now at the age of 7 she is learning the fine art of retirement and once again is a fast study. Dog door - no problem. Soft beds and blankets - perfect for napping. Squeaky toys - the better to toss and play with. Eager to meet and greet every everyone and seems to take little interest in the small yappy things encountered on her daily walks as she prefers to spend most of her time sniffing all the new smells life has to offer. Alina isn't a counter surfer even though she does love her food. She is easily corrected but will give you her "sad eyes expression" in hopes you will feel bad for scolding her. Alina is a bit rambunctious when her leash is first put on and the door opens but by the time she gets to the side walk she is content to quietly join her foster sisters and walk like a proper greyhound. She loves to be petted and have her ears scratched and will keep her head in your lap for as long as you can last. Her holiday wish is for a loving, quiet home. A four legged companion to play with would be wonderful but a two legged companion who is home a lot would be OK also. She will give more love than you can ever give her. Oh yes, she is black, stealth-like in her movements, no third brake light visible when she suddenly stops in front of you and the coldest nose (that she use for her satisfaction) that I have ever experienced. Foster Mom, Stephanie


Racing Name: JMB's Valdez
Age: 2.3 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: N/N

Valdez is a handsome and gentle boy. He had a career of 96 races in the last year and is figuring out his new retirement. He uses the dog door, rides nicely in the car, and is learning to get in and out of a SUV. He needs close supervision with opening doors. Tending to be timid, daily routine and Greyhound housemates are helping him gain more confidence. He enjoys ear, neck, and tummy rubs. He likes walks and occasionally pulls on the leash to investigate something that captures his interest. We are working on this. One of his favorite places is the front porch to view his new world and sleep in the sun. He delights in tossing, chasing, and squeaking the toys. He has discovered he can move a dog bed, blanket, and pillow to a more preferred spot. Valdez is becoming a fun and affectionate companion. Foster mom Susan


Racing Name: Jed's Ariana
Age: 1.8 Sex: F Color: Red Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Ariana is an adorable, tiny girl that is still learning the perks of retirement. She has mastered the dog door, understands “go to your pillow” and rides well in the car. She can be a little skittish at times but continues to gain confidence with everyday items such as large boxes. She seeks affection frequently during the day from her foster family and will give tiny little kisses in return. Although not very trusting of strangers, she is learning to relax in new environments when she goes on home visits and is starting to approach the applicants in their home, but still is not comfortable with strangers in her foster home. The thing she seems to enjoy most about retirement is laying in the sun—she doesn’t even care if she has a pillow to lay on! She gets along well with the resident 4-pack and has adapted easily to visiting 4-leggeds. Foster mom Deb.


Racing Name: WW's Revolt
Age: 3.7 Sex: F Color: Light brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Carol started out a bit wary of her new surroundings and what she was supposed to eat, but she quickly embraced her new life. She responds well to instructions: such as "no counter-surfing," "time to go outside," and caught on within two days how to walk politely on leash. She stays close to one of her greyhound housemates, looking for guidance. It suggests she would be happier with another companion, but if her new people are around a lot, she likes to know what you are doing, too. Carol also lives with two cats and has shown little interest in them once she realized they were part of the home scene. She is very at ease with being at home when we go out for errands, but is also an easy traveler. This is a greyhound gem! Foster Mom, Samanthe


Racing Name: Ferris Wheel
Age: 1.9 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Ferris is a big, goofy, loveable guy who really wants to please the crowd. He wags, smiles, nits & will flop over to get tummy rubs. He is an extremely smart grey who learns most things in a snap. He had the doggy door down in literally seconds; he’s learning “go to your bed & wait” & “leave it” & has not had a single potty accident in the house. All that being said, he still is quite a puppy: he picks up any portable object he can. He likes to gently gnaw both the corners of furniture & the small dogs’ head…no damage on that front, but the little dog is often damp & looking disgruntled. He still does the “full-room” skitter on the hard floor surfaces, but it’s getting better every day. Ferris is also a bit too interested in the cats (who are indoor/outdoor) but I think that’s more because he’s fascinated by their movements. When face to face, he is curious, but not engaged on a mission & the cats seem relaxed in that situation which is a good indication that they feel no imminent threat. I feel that Ferris would not likely be a good candidate for an “only” dog unless he is homed with a person or persons who are around a lot, like people who work at home or could take him to the office. He is anxious & somewhat vocal when I leave but settled down with the pack present. His energy level is medium until food time…then it’s crazy time. He barks, spins, jumps on the others, skids into walls & generally makes himself a massive nuisance. We are working on this & he’s definitely getting better, but this dog will require a bit of attention on this front to get his clown car under control. All told, Ferris is a marvelous guy who is a bit of a diamond in the rough & a huge, happy personality. Foster mom Sandy


Racing Name: WW's Ample
Age: 3.3 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/W

Kiowa is a large but sweet laid back guy. He is a but shy with new people and situations but recovers quickly. Isn't pushy but wants to be loved, would rather hang out getting pets than run around when outside. Has used dog door from day one. Loves food and is learning not all food is his. He gets excited for walks and pulls a bit but a block into it he relaxes and takes it all in. He has no issues with the in his face pesky little white dog that he is curently living with. He is a great traveler. Sniffs out the windows but lays down quickly. Can't be an only dog. Foster mom Wendy


Racing Name: JW's Power Base
Age: 2.9 Sex: M Color: Red fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N










Racing Name: WW Twitch in Eye
Age: 4.1 Sex: M Color: White and red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W











Racing Name: WW Jetta
Age: 1.5 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: Mega Habil
Age: 4.2 Sex: F Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: WW Popsicle
Age: 4.0 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N










Racing Name: WW Wanna Bits
Age: 3.4 Sex: F Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y











Racing Name: PJ Exert My Will
Age: 2.9 Sex: M Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: Jed's Zebra Cakes
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Brindle and white
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/N














Medical Hold Greyhounds

FloFlo -- Adoption pending
Racing Name: WW Let it Flow
Age: 3.3 Sex: F Color: Red brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Flo came to GreySave after running 184 races at the Caliente track and after she broke her leg. She was timid when she first came off the track but is more comfortable with people now that as she settled into her foster home, had her leg is splinted and she is pain free. Flo is a very sweet girl who lives well with two other female greyhounds. She likes being around her foster sisters, seeing how they have adjusted to post-track life and taking her turn on one of soft dog beds. Flo likes dog toys and has figured out that she can squeak and toss them. She has mastered the art of going up and down the stairs, even with a cast on. Like most new track hounds Flo learned much of what she knows about living in a house from the other greys in the pack and that includes how and why to use the dog door. Flo has never gone potty in the house as it is just not who she is. She rides nicely in the car and walks well on leash. And best of all she is happy to go to meet & greets. She is very gracious when people, even kids come up and pet her. Foster mom Kathy


CrissyCrissy -- Adoption pending
Racing Name: JMB's Crissy
Age: 2.7 Sex: F Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y













Racing Name: JR Smooth Talker
Age: 3.1 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y













Racing Name: JMB's Vanna
Age: 2.9 Sex: F Color: White and Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W








Explanation of the Small dog/Cat Tolerance Listings

Nearly all greyhounds get along very well with dogs of medium size or larger, regardless of breed. But some do not get along with small dogs or cats. In the Small dog/cat tolerant listings above, the first letter refers to how we think the greyhound would do with small dogs, the second to how he would do with cats. The listings above for the most part are based on how the greyhound tested when he first came off the track. Some listings have been adjusted as we've seen how he has done in his foster home.

An "N/N" listing above means that, in our judgment, this dog is not suited to live with either small dogs (under 20 pounds) or cats. Note that some greyhounds do fine with small dogs but not with cats, so receive a Y/N listing. A "W" listing in either category means that the greyhound, with proper training and supervision such as an experienced greyhound adopter could provide, could learn to live with small dogs or cats. A "Y" listing means that the greyhound with proper supervision initially should adapt quickly to life with small dogs and cats. He may even be living with them now in his foster home. A "?" listing usually means that the dog has not yet been tested.