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PLEASE NOTE: We've found that people who choose a dog based on a photo and brief profile such as those below often don't end up with the best dog for their lifestyle and family. So rather than let adopters pick the dog they want from these profiles, our adoption representatives use all the information we have on each dog to help adopters find just the right dog. Our goal is always a match that's great for both dog and family. Please allow us to help you find the best greyhound for you.

  • Some of the dogs below are ready for adoption, while others are being prepared. Contact Cathy Kiburtz about availability.
  • Adoption Pending dogs are about to be adopted. Foster to Adopt dogs likely will be adopted by their foster home.
  • The bottom of this page explains how we rate a dog's small dog or cat tolerance.
  • See the Adopted page for recent adoptions. From that page you can jump to info on every dog we've adopted since the beginning.
  • Interested in adopting a greyhound? Complete the adoption application.
  • Thanks go to Cynthia Frederick for most of the greyhound portraits.


Racing Name: RF Tazmaniamoney
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Taz is a very easy going boy with long legs and soft expressive brown eyes. He loves car rides and he walks well on the leash with happy tail wags, just oozing interest in everything and everyone. We call him Mr. Curiosity because he is very busy checking out everything in his environment. He is learning about counter tops and still has some struggles with a little separation anxiety. Taz loves to use the doggie door but he is sometimes unsure about going outside or staying inside with the resident Mom & Dad. He enjoys playing with squeaky toys and tug-of-war games with his foster Dad. Taz is very gentle when accepting treats and he has no food aggression. He has shown excited curiosity when meeting a small Chihuahua but has never shown aggression. Taz is a very bright and loving young boy who would be a devoted companion. He loves to cuddle and hang out with his foster Mom & Dad but he may need close supervision with small animals and greeting visitors at the door. Foster mom Loalea.


EbonBen -- Adoption Pending
Racing Name: (Unknown)
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Ben (Ebon) is a wonderful, exuberant puppy who is playing with toys, doing okay on the leash and loves to eat. He will squeak toys but really prefers to play with a person, and seems to be especially attached to men. He has done very well with potty training. Ben does a lot of pacing through the house, but he does respond when we tell him "lay down," and certainly understands and responds to "no"! Some of his pacing is looking for the cat. He needs to know where he is every moment but backs away as soon as he finds the hissy thing! I think Ben would be more comfortable in a home without cats. He gets very excited when he sees small dogs, but he has been fine with the ones he has met. Foster mom Marcia.


Racing Name: Mega Eustaquio
Age: 2 3/4 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Eugene is a friendly and fun-loving happy boy who loves hanging out with his foster parents. He likes to collect things and relocate them to a new spot. Maybe he likes to watch his foster parents search the house for the missing objects! Eugene is starting to discover squeaky toys and he is bonding with another big foster boy who shares his exuberant energy. He uses the doggie door and has never tried to raise his leg inside the house. He is doing OK on the leash but he still needs some work to control his excitement and zig zag movements. He loves to eat and has no problem being messed with while he is eating or sleeping. Eugene would love a playmate who is both young enough to enjoy excited playful energy and friendly enough to allow for snuggles and the sharing of doggie beds. Eugene gets nervous when left alone for long periods of time. Eugene travels well and he enjoys going shopping at the pet store and the hardware store. His friendly and gentle nature attracts lots of attention! Eugene probably should not be trusted around cats. He should not live in a household with cats or other small fluffy pets. Eugene greets everyone as his new best friend.


Racing Name: PJ Ula
Age: 2 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Friendly, energetic, fun loving, 2 year old Ula loves to be busy. She adjusted quickly to life in her foster home which she shares with a mellow greyhound, a bossy shepherd, 3 bunnies and a geriatric cat. Ula is perfectly house trained,walks well on the leash, loves toys and is learning to play fetch. She attends Camp Run A Mutt while her foster Mom works and she enjoys playing with the other canine breeds. The camp staff adore her and describe her as really well adjusted. Ula's need to be busy must be considered by any future adopters. To keep busy, Ula will happily shred the mail, prune the house plants, and unplug electrical appliances. Her future family would be well advised to child/puppy proof their home and remove toxic plants. This is a 2 year old who likes to chew. Although there are no children in her foster home, Ula loves to meet the neighborhood children when she is out for a walk. Ula enthusiastically greets each new day at the first sign of dawn and is ready for action. She learns the routine quickly and tends to become quite vocal if dinner or walks are running more than 10 mins late. Ula will function best in a well organized household with lots of activity to keep her entertained. Foster mom Katherine


CocoCoco -- Adoption Pending
Racing Name: Barts Cece
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Coco’s nickname is busy bee. She is a very active little girl who loves all people and dogs. She loves to squeak her toys as soon as the sun is up. She likes to play with all sizes of dogs and plays much longer than the average greyhound. She is very smart and learns quickly, especially when food is involved. She pulls a bit on the leash but we are working on that. And Coco really does not like cats. Foster mom Sandy



Racing Name: WW's Mile Post
Age: 4 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Milan is a cheerful, enthusiastic, affectionate girl. At first she was overwhelmed by life off the track and was very shy and worried about meeting new people – but her happy nature is winning out and she grows more confident every day. “Miley” (as her foster family calls her) has already become an absolute cuddle monkey with her foster family and she is getting braver about meeting other people. She likes to play with toys, especially emptying the toy box and collecting all the toys in her bed. She loves her walks and has good leash manners, although she still does start to bounce and turn toward home when she gets scared of something. Miley behaves beautifully in the house – she learns quickly from gentle corrections, and has never had an accident in the house. She loves mealtime and thinks naps are fantastic. She lives peaceably with three cats and gets along fine with the tiny dogs who come over to visit. She enjoys the company of her three greyhound foster siblings, but is not overly dependent on them. Miley will need a home with people willing to continue to help her build confidence in the outside world, but she is already blossoming into a fun-loving, sweet, and lively companion. Foster Mom MK.



Racing Name: Volando Stella
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Stella has gone from spooked to spectacular. She came to our house very scared of her new surroundings. She has fit in to our home and to a schedule great ever since. She is a good eater and likes treats. She has taken an interest in toys almost from day one and she and our dog Tigger have great fun playing with them together. There have been no accidents because she lets us know by standing at the door or making noises to let her out because we do not have a dog door. She does well being left at home for short lengths of time, she gets vocal when we return wanting to see us. She does ok on her leash. She is learning to walk without pulling too much, the longer the walk the less pulling at the end. She still gets spooked at noises and things happening on the walk. I keep her on a shorter leash so she knows I am there for her and she calms down quickly. She likes Tiggers company but may do ok as an only dog if she is not left alone for too long of periods of time. She is quite velcro when her foster mom is in the the house. She is young, raced only 6 races so she is living the good life at a young age and I think she is enjoying it. Foster mom Holly


Racing Name: Mega Amazon
Age: 2 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Amy is an exuberant, playful, and affectionate young lady. She loves to play at the drop of a hat and will entertain herself by throwing toys all around the room if there is no one willing to play with her. Her antics are hilarious. Amy sleeps, romps, and walks with the three other greys in the pack and has even shared her bed with the family cat. This delightful, petite girl makes friends with everyone whether human or animal. She is smart, quick to learn new things and is a sweet companion. Amy loves car rides and short walks to the park. She is confident, curious, and outgoing. She might do well as an only dog if someone is home to spend time with her. Foster mom Cindy


BeamerBeamer -- Adoption Pending
Racing Name: Xtrem Beatrice
Age: 2 3/4 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Beamer is everything you expect a greyhound to be: affectionate, happy and confident. He enjoys his playtime with the others in his foster home, but can also go off by himself and just relax. Never a counter-surfer, gently takes treats from your hand and waits his turn. He can be quite a goofy guy—tossing his toys in the air and pouncing on them when they land. He is an excellent passenger in the car—usually just lies down and enjoys the trip. Still a little “wandering” on the leash, but he is learning and getting better all the time. He could probably be okay as an only but will enjoy having a companion also.



Racing Name: Volando Attire
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Arty is an extremely sweet & smart fellow. Within a few hours of landing in his new retirement digs, he was using the doggy door, navigating stairs & slick floors & generally acting like he had always been a dog of leisure. He has the tiniest bit of hesitation when being approached directly from the front because he is a very sensitive guy, but once he knows you are going to be rubbing his face or ears, he is very eager to reach up to meet your hand. He has been living with a motley crew of housemates including a girl greyhound, a very active “chihauhaurrier” (who weighs about 15 pounds), 2 old cats & a 6 month old kitten (all of whom are indoor/outdoor kitties). He has absolutely no problem with dogs of any size or with the older cats, but is a tad interested in the kitten…probably because he kind of looks & acts like a squeaky toy. That being said, Arty is quick to break off if verbally reprimanded or if the kitten stands his ground. With more time & training, it’s my belief that he would become very steady around the little ones. He has been trail walking an average of 3.5 miles daily & has been meeting all kinds of dogs, people, vehicles & assorted urban stuff. He is a little worried if something is big & noisy (a trash truck) but is quickly reassured & will go on his way. His biggest walking fault is that his leash skills are, shall we say, limited, but he is learning & improving quickly & easily jumps in & out of the car with little prompting. He has discovered the joy of the toy pile & has developed the habit of trotting around with a toy in his mouth much of the time. He does think they belong to HIM however, so he’ll need a bit of work to keep him becoming too possessive. Since he is sensitive & smart, this shouldn’t be an issue. Arty is a wonderful, gentle, smart soul who has a rough edge or two which will definitely benefit with training & guidance & more time as a couch potato. He will make a great addition to a home with firm but gentle folks. Foster mom Sandy


Racing Name: WW's Clear Cut
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Dark Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Cleo is a very relaxed and easy going boy for being under 2 years old. He likes to play with laundry and paper bags and is slowly learning that stuffed squeaky toys are what he should be playing with. He definitely follows the direction of the other greyhounds in the home and would do best in a home with another dog. He loves going for walks and exploring the environment and walks nicely on a leash. He is tall but is very gentle and will just stand in front of you waiting to receive some hugs and attention. He is very good with the small dog in the foster home, playing with him for a bit, but backing off when the little one gets cranky. Foster mom Sandy


Racing Name: T's Flying Cowboy
Age: 2 3/4 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Cowboy is smallish for a male, but he is frisky and gorgeous! He LOVES to play, and if neither of his foster brothers is interested, he will play with stuffed toys by himself, throwing them into the air and then pouncing wildly on them. He is friendly with everyone, and greets visitors with a wagging tail, and sometimes a kiss or two. Cowboy is very food motivated, loves treats, and goes absolutely nuts when he knows dinner is being prepared. He eats quickly and at first gave his brothers a warning growl if they came near, but his confidence has increased to where he has not done that in weeks. We are still working with the squirt bottle to remind him that peoples plates are not an invitation to help himself, and he is definitely improving ! He sleeps well at night, walks beautifully on a leash, and rides very well in the car. Perhaps because of his youth, Cowboy is super curious! In a new environment, he has to smell and investigate every single thing! Once that is done, he quietly lays down, usually inverted! Of all the fosters I have had, he cockroaches more than any - guess he likes to cool off his tummy during this hot weather. Cowboy definitely needs the company of another dog, preferably a grey, in his forever home. Of his two foster brothers, the grey is the one he follows around, and he is not happy if he is gone, even though the other non-grey is there. He loves to cuddle , can be petted for hours, and unlike his brother, can curl into a little ball next to you, with his head on your knee. Foster mom Judy


Racing Name: Volando Wayfarer
Age: 1 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Farley is a happy, loving grey! He follows his foster mom around and has a delightful roaching nap wherever his people happen to be hanging out. He loves his stuffy toys but beware Farley is a puppy and he will steal your things and add them to his toy pile! His foster mom quickly learned to hide remotes and electronic cords from this adorable thief! Farley is a bit nervous when out on leash and is learning to walk on a harness but he loves his walks and does much better out walking when he has the comfort of another, older, more secure dog by his side. Farley required no real house training as he has never even attempted to potty in the house. He's a very smart boy and just follows the lead of the older greys who are let out every few hours. Farley loves to meet new people and is totally comfortable living is a house full of cats. Farley is sensitive to correction and a simple 'no' is all he needs to redirect his behavior. Farley is an excellent eater and sleeper. Nothing unusual about those things in a grey! Farley's a special boy! Foster mom Maggie.


Racing Name: Rovers Firefly
Age: 5 1/2 Sex: F Color: Red Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Firefly is a sweet, smart, affectionate Low key little girl. Gives deference to older, 11 yr. old male greyhound "brother." Learning quickly to ride in the car without scratching windows, standing up the entire ride. Still needs help jumping up into the car. Very interested in new surroundings. learning to play with a ball. Not sure about squeaky toys, yet. Great on walks, doesn't pull usually. Seems ok with small dogs and small creatures. No real experience with cats. Potty trained herself from day one. Very loving!! Gives lots of kisses at appropriate times. Loves to eat. No loose stools. Really seems to love her new "freedom." Foster dad Rod


Racing Name: Financial Impact
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Light Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Frankie is a very handsome boy with his uniquely colored brindle coat. He rides extremely well in a car, settling down quickly into a sitting or lying position. He is a timid boy but will follow the lead of his foster siblings. He is beginning to approach us for some love and interaction, and I believe will eventually build his self-confidence. Frankie is not food possessive, loves to play with our other greys, likes stuffed animals, and has never had an accident in our house. He does use the doggie door. Because of Frankie’s shyness, I recommend he enters a home with other greyhounds. Foster mom Carolyn


Racing Name: Mega Gallo
Age: 3 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Gallo is a tall, strong, curious boy who is settling into his retired life. He uses the dog door, enjoys having a selection of soft beds, and gets along with his four Greyhound housemates. He will investigate the toys in the basket but is not very engaged in playing with them yet. His preference is being with or near foster mom to watch what she is doing. He likes his walks and car rides, although he needs some assistance getting into a SUV. He is learning to walk at a more leisurely pace than what he was used to before retirement. He does not care for the small barking dogs we meet and may be best if he did not live with a cat. He can be skeptical about new things when he's out in the community. With patience and reassurance, he is adjusts well. He is affectionate, gentle, loving ear rubs and neck scratches. Gallo will greet his forever family members with a tail wag that goes around like a windmill and a soft, happy Greyhound "Roo". Foster mom Susan.


Racing Name: WW's Fastrackpebble
Age: 3 1/2 Sex: F Color: White and brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Pebbles is just a super greyhound girl. Though she is only 3.5 she raced 114 times starting in Florida before moving to Caliente. She is a very pretty girl with a small body and a nice personality. From the moment she walked into her foster home she has acted like she was always there. She uses the dog door with ease, loves to ride in the car and to play with the other greyhounds in the family. Beside two greyhound boys, her house mates also include as very small dog and some grandchildren that come to visit. She just seems to love everyone. She plays with the dog toys and loves to rest on any soft surface. Sometimes she has to just prove she is a girl by giving the male greys a bit of lip or standing over them. They just ignore her as they should. She likes to greet her foster mom after she has been out with a little bit of greyhound talk!


Racing Name: Mega Player
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Player is a loving, adventurous, and silly boy. He loves a good adventure whether it be a simple walk around the block or a car trip to the pet store. He is beginning to understand toys and playing and has a favorite stuffed bear he takes to bed every night. He walks well on a leash and is housebroken. He is fostered as an only dog and does well when left by himself. He loves to eat and loves a Kong with some yummy treats inside. He bonded very quickly to his foster parents and loves following them around the house to see what they’re up to. He is making progress with cats but still needs work. He responds well to “no” but doesn’t know much else in the way of commands yet. He does well around strangers and new places but is just as comfortable at home on his pillow napping. Foster dad Josh.



Racing Name: Boc's Realityhit
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Rita is a beautiful, affectionate brindle girl with a cute bashful side. She blends very well with her two foster brothers but she would be great as an only dog and is more alpha when around other females. She walks very well in a pack and is almost perfect when walking alone. She rides well in the car and has learned to jump in the back of the SUV. She is well behaved when left alone and is very excited to see you when you return. She does not have a doggie door but has never had an accident in the house and walks to the door when she needs to go. She is very well behaved at home. This is a great girl! Foster dad Scott.


Medical Hold Greyhounds

AngelAngel -- Adoption Pending
Racing Name: Razor Angel
Age: 1 1/2 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Angel is a big, beautiful, young boy – a puppy with a heart (and coat and eyes) of gold. He has plenty of energy for exploring and playing, but (like all good greyhounds) he also knows how to be mellow and he loves his naps and down time. Within minutes of coming into our house, he had found the toy box. He entertains himself by carrying toys from room to room and then rearranging them. He is confident about the world without being bossy, and he gets along extremely well with the other greyhounds in the house. As he settles in, he is trying to engage a bit more with the three resident cats, but is learning to respect the fact that they don’t really want to play with him. Angel is very affectionate and likes to put his head in people’s laps to be petted. He also likes cuddles of all kinds and would probably climb into your lap with a little encouragement. Because of his size and his puppy enthusiasm, he might be too much for small children or small dogs, but he would probably enjoy older kids and certainly would appreciate an active household and people who are willing to give him long walks and plenty of exercise. Angel is a happy, good-natured boy just waiting to show off what a great companion he will be.


Racing Name: WW Cash Chips
Age: 3 Sex: F Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/TBD

Cassie is absolutely the most laid back greyhound the foster mom has ever encountered, especially at the relatively young age of 3. After several weeks of retirement living she has just started eating without being coaxed. Like other greys she does like to go on walks and for rides in the car. Cassie just will not go out the dog door unless someone lifts the flap for her. But, when she wants to come in she just comes through the dog door like the flap did not exist. Yes, maybe she is a princess in the making. She has never had an accident in the house but you do have to remember to open the dog door for miss princess. She lives with 4 cats, 2 male greyhounds and a old Dalmatian. In her opinion, the dogs were OK but the cats are definitely not to her liking, at least first. She has finally gotten used to them and sleeps as they stroll by but is not a cat tolerant natural and probably would fare best in a home without cats. While on a walks she still gives small dogs that greyhound stare especially the yappy wound up ones. In general she seems happy with her self and people and would probably be just fine as an only dog. Foster mom Judy


Racing Name: Mega Iglu
Age: 3 1/2 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Iglu aka Iggie aka Biggie aka BigFoot. Just a big fun loving guy. He enjoys being close to you and will stand endlessly next to you for scritches. He's a bit of a klutz, seems its quite comfortable for him to stand on your foot, but still very polite and steps off if nudged. Does not get on furniture or beds! Toys are okay, but he's more of a tennis ball guy. He will amuse himself in the yard tossing the ball around until it ends up somewhere he can't retrieve it. His broken leg has healed but he is still working on getting the tendons and muscles stretched and still limps a bit. Sometimes he get a bit rambunctious playing with other dogs, so supervision is recommended during those times. He's housebroken to a dog door and has never had accident in the house. His leash walking ability still needs a bit of work since his activity was restricted initially, but overall he does well. Iggie is looking for some excitement, lots of walks and attention. Might do well as an only dog if not alone for extended period of time, he does howl when we leave for a minute even with the other dogs there. Foster mom Sue


Racing Name: WW's Snowbaby
Age: 1 3/4 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

What a little charmer! Sascha can best be described as “engaging”. She is a sweet, gentle girl who approaches for scritches and cuddles. She gives an occasional gentle kiss, especially after you have eaten something! She is extremely food-motivated and will gently take treats from your hand. She loves hanging out with the other dogs and would be very happy if her broken hock didn’t forbid her from romping with the big boys of the household. She is good in the car—usually just goes and lies down during her weekly trip to Orange County. Her leash manners still need a little work but she makes up for that by being very polite and not counter-surfing. She could possibly be an only dog if her people were home most of the time—currently she is crated when her foster family is not home to monitor her activity—and while she does not particularly like the crate, she is calm and quiet in it. She has never had an accident in the house and learned the dog door from the resident greys. She plays with stuffies but sometimes gets more invested in chewing the stuffy rather than squeaking it. She still gets a little timid at rapid movements, large moving objects or loud noises, but she is getting better every day. Foster mom Deb


Racing Name: Mega Pagan
Age: 3 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Pagan is a sweet lovable boy who loves to have a good ear message. He goes off by himself multiple times a day to sleep, but needs a friend to show him the ropes. He gets along well with his four greyhound sisters. He has a large overbite and does the greyhound smile, which is a favorite of mine. He does the stairs well, even with a cast on his leg. He mastered the doggy door in a day and has never had an accident in the house. Pagan loves to ride in the car, good thing with weekly cast changes and alway up to a meet and greet. Foster mom Jen


Racing Name: Bart's Jumpforjoy
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: White and black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W








Explanation of the Small dog/Cat Tolerance Listings

Nearly all greyhounds get along very well with dogs of medium size or larger, regardless of breed. But some do not get along with small dogs or cats. In the Small dog/cat tolerant listings above, the first letter refers to how we think the greyhound would do with small dogs, the second to how he would do with cats. The listings above for the most part are based on how the greyhound tested when he first came off the track. Some listings have been adjusted as we've seen how he has done in his foster home.

An "N/N" listing above means that, in our judgment, this dog is not suited to live with either small dogs (under 20 pounds) or cats. Note that some greyhounds do fine with small dogs but not with cats, so receive a Y/N listing. A "W" listing in either category means that the greyhound, with proper training and supervision such as an experienced greyhound adopter could provide, could learn to live with small dogs or cats. A "Y" listing means that the greyhound with proper supervision initially should adapt quickly to life with small dogs and cats. He may even be living with them now in his foster home. A "?" listing usually means that the dog has not yet been tested.