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PLEASE NOTE: We've found that people who choose a dog based on a photo and brief profile such as those below often don't end up with the best dog for their lifestyle and family. So rather than let adopters pick the dog they want from these profiles, our adoption representatives use all the information we have on each dog to help adopters find just the right dog. Our goal is always a match that's great for both dog and family. Please allow us to help you find the best greyhound for you.

  • Some of the dogs below are ready for adoption, while others are being prepared. Contact Cathy Kiburtz about availability.
  • Adoption Pending dogs are about to be adopted. Foster to Adopt dogs likely will be adopted by their foster home.
  • The bottom of this page explains how we rate a dog's small dog or cat tolerance.
  • See the Adopted page for recent adoptions. From that page you can jump to info on every dog we've adopted since the beginning.
  • Interested in adopting a greyhound? Complete the adoption application.
  • Thanks go to Cynthia Frederick for most of the greyhound portraits.


Racing Name: Mitey Ravage
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Blue is very energetic and loves to play fetch the toy or chase the ball. As busy as he is, he rides more calmly in the car than any hound I've ever transported - he just curls up until you get where you're going. He likes using the dog door and does his business outside. He gets along very well with our two male greys and I have never heard him growl or show any sign of food, toy or sleep aggression. Once he figured out our chihuahua is actually a dog, he has been fine with her. He's a very happy boy and would be a fun companion for someone with time to play and walk or hike with him. He is also very good with kids. Foster mom Joyce.


Racing Name: (Unknown)
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Ben (Ebon) is a wonderful, exuberant puppy who is playing with toys, doing okay on the leash and loves to eat. He will squeak toys but really prefers to play with a person, and seems to be especially attached to men. He has done very well with potty training. Ben does a lot of pacing through the house, but he does respond when we tell him ‘lay down’, and certainly understands and responds to ‘no’! Some of his pacing is looking for the cat. He needs to know where he is every moment but backs away as soon as he finds the hissy thing! I think Ben would be more comfortable in a home without cats. He gets very excited when he sees small dogs, but he has been fine with the ones he has met. Foster mom Marcia.


Racing Name: Showme Jujitsu
Age: 2 Sex: M Color: White and black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

In greyhounds they call black & white “party colors,” and Felix likes a good time! He is a happy 2 year old boy who loves hanging out with his new foster brothers. They are all small dogs, and he’s very good with them, especially his play pal, Bentley. Felix likes all people. He hasn’t met any cats. He likes to play with soft toys and tennis balls – he throws them in the air and tries to catch them! He also loves his comfy bed and a good romp in the backyard. He’s very gentle and polite – takes treats very carefully. He walks very well on leash and he sleeps just fine in his crate. He’s such a gentleman, its hard to believe he’s only 2. This sweet, loving boy will be an excellent buddy for a lucky family out there. Foster mom Christine.


Racing Name: OMG Onyx
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: N/N

Onyx is an fun and loving pup to have around. He rides great in the car checks things out then spends the remainder of the trip laying down. He walks wonderfully on the leash, but could use some work on his zig zag pattern. Loud noises or lots of excitement don't phase him. He's very friendly. When he is in new environment he will check it all out but in a cautious manner. He does roo and roach both are quite charming. He has no problem sharing food and no issue with you bothering him while sleeping or on his bed. Onyx would love to have a playmate. He trys to get his foster brothers, a greyhound and a basset, to play but they wont. It did take Onyx a while to relax in his new environment. He no longer whines when anxious and is beginning to enjoy playing with toys. Yes, it was a big adjustment from Florida to Tucson and then to California. He is going to make a wonderful family member and is looking for his Forever Home but that would be without cats and small fluffy dogs. Kids are just fine though. Foster mom Wendy.


RyanRyan -- Adoption Pending
Racing Name: Ciudad de Amor
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W

Ryan is a very sweet young brindle male with big beautiful eyes. He has made wonderful progress since he has been with us. He has two foster brothers who have accepted him and enjoy their walks and just hanging out. He’s a great passenger in the car. Ryan would be happier with a playmate and would be better served with someone who either works from home or is not gone for very long. Ryan has a few medical “issues” that do not really seem to impede his day to day life but he may take a little longer to understand what you mean…but he eventually catches on. He loves stuffed squeaky toys and tennis balls, he also loves to collect them and put them near him. He is SO VERY LOVING!! You can’t help but fall in love with him. Foster dad Scott.


Racing Name: RF Tazmaniamoney
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Taz is a very easy going boy with long legs and soft expressive brown eyes. He loves car rides and he walks well on the leash with happy tail wags, just oozing interest in everything and everyone. We call him Mr. Curiosity because he is very busy checking out everything in his environment. He is learning about counter tops and still has some struggles with a little separation anxiety. Taz loves to use the doggie door but he is sometimes unsure about going outside or staying inside with the resident Mom & Dad. He has not yet figured out the joys of squeaky toys but the resident pack of three Greyhounds and a Whippet mix are showing him the way to even more fun times. Taz is very gentle when accepting treats but he is an excited eater at meal times. The resident cat is still in hiding. Taz’s curiosity has made the cat weary of making friends. He has shown excited curiosity when meeting a small Chihuahua but has never shown aggression. Taz is a very bright and loving young boy who would be a devoted companion. He loves to cuddle and hang out with his Mom & Dad but he may need close supervision with small animals. Foster mom Loalea.


Racing Name: Red I Carmel
Age: 8 Sex: F Color: Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Due to circumstances beyond her control Zenith, and her best buddy Zephyr, were returned to GreySave after living for 5 years in a quiet and very loving home. They were well cared for girls and come with beds, dishes and other dowry items. GreySave plans for them to be adopted together as they are very bonded and dependent on each another. Since Zenith is the more outgoing one she is the first to great any and every one she meets. She is a very lady like and polite girl as she wags her tail at full speed when she meets you. She is a 110% retired racer and loves all the perks of being a pet. Both her and Zephyr have good manners, they do not counter surfer and will wait patiently for there dinner to be served. Most of Zenith's day is spent on a soft bed or basking in the sun on the patio. She was welcomed into our pack of greys with open paws by all. Zenith is a greyt dog with an ingratiating personality who loves attention and will place her head in your lap so she can be the first to get the pets. Foster dad Jay.


Racing Name: Flying Belton
Age: 8 1/2 Sex: F Color: Dark Red
Small dog/cat tolerant: W/N

Zephyr is the more stand offish one of the pair as she is careful regards anything new letting Zenith take the lead on walks as well as meeting new people. Coming from life at the race track she is most comfortable with consistency in her life and a minimum of surprises. Always willing to please, Zephyr accepts and does anything asked of her. We often see her and Zenith laying in beds next to each other and even sharing the same one. Her new human(s) need to set aside time each day to give her a massage or two along with lots of petting. Being true to the breed she enjoys car rides, walks, and most of all long naps. It is a real joy having both of these hounds grace our home as they are just get along kind of greys. However, neither girls show no tolerance when it comes to cats or small happy dogs when they are out and about and have made it clear that they can't live with those kind of creatures. Foster dad Jay.


Racing Name: Bella Run Softly
Age: 7 Sex: F Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/TBD











KelseyKelsey -- Adoption Pending
Racing Name: Kelsos Caviar
Age: 4 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/TBD










Racing Name: Budz Brynna
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: F Color: White and red
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/W










Racing Name: WW Cash Chips
Age: 3 Sex: F Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/TBD










Racing Name: Volando Dansia
Age: 2 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: D Ran Dawson
Age: 4 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: WWK Money Pit
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Red fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: JG Jet Rancher
Age: 5 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: Mega Joya
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: F Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: Lady Leslie
Age: 4 1/2 Sex: F Color: Red fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: Mega Slow Down
Age: 4 Sex: M Color: Brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: Mega On the Move
Age: 4 Sex: F Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y











Racing Name: Bella Olive
Age: 3 1/2 Sex: F Color: Dark brindle
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y










Racing Name: Barts Sam Spade
Age: 2 1/2 Sex: M Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N










Racing Name: Barts Starburst
Age: 2 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y












Medical Hold Greyhounds

AngelAngel -- Adoption Pending
Racing Name: Razor Angel
Age: 1 1/2 Sex: M Color: Fawn
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/Y

Angel is a big, beautiful, young boy – a puppy with a heart (and coat and eyes) of gold. He has plenty of energy for exploring and playing, but (like all good greyhounds) he also knows how to be mellow and he loves his naps and down time. Within minutes of coming into our house, he had found the toy box. He entertains himself by carrying toys from room to room and then rearranging them. He is confident about the world without being bossy, and he gets along extremely well with the other greyhounds in the house. As he settles in, he is trying to engage a bit more with the three resident cats, but is learning to respect the fact that they don’t really want to play with him. Angel is very affectionate and likes to put his head in people’s laps to be petted. He also likes cuddles of all kinds and would probably climb into your lap with a little encouragement. Because of his size and his puppy enthusiasm, he might be too much for small children or small dogs, but he would probably enjoy older kids and certainly would appreciate an active household and people who are willing to give him long walks and plenty of exercise. Angel is a happy, good-natured boy just waiting to show off what a great companion he will be.


HollyHolly -- Adoption Pending
Racing Name: Last two bucks
Age: 3 Sex: F Color: Black
Small dog/cat tolerant: Y/N

Holly is quite the character. She broke her front leg at the Tucson track just before Christmas and was able to get a nice couple to bring her part way to California to meet the GreySave hauler. Luckily someone at the Tucson track knew that GreySave would take a broken girl and that we had the vets and financial resources to get her fixed. From the moment our hauler team met her she was all charm and wiggles. She is a jet black, kissy, sweet girl that wants to get along with everyone she meets. Holly is now recovering from the break and surgery and is out of her bandages. She has strict orders to walk several times a day to make the strengthen the long bone. That's good because she loves to go walking. She lives with three other greys and is happy to be part of the sleep, eat and walk team. She likes sqeaky toys and to tote odd pieces of clothing, trash or plastic parts around. She does not damage anything just likes to tote them. She cannot stand to have any toys left in the toy box and they must be on the rug. Holly loves to go to Meet and Greets to say hi and today met all sorts of small and furry canines. Holly has someone very interested in her but is not yet ready to leave the rehab foster home. Foster mom Cathy.



Explanation of the Small dog/Cat Tolerance Listings

Nearly all greyhounds get along very well with dogs of medium size or larger, regardless of breed. But some do not get along with small dogs or cats. In the Small dog/cat tolerant listings above, the first letter refers to how we think the greyhound would do with small dogs, the second to how he would do with cats. The listings above for the most part are based on how the greyhound tested when he first came off the track. Some listings have been adjusted as we've seen how he has done in his foster home.

An "N/N" listing above means that, in our judgment, this dog is not suited to live with either small dogs (under 20 pounds) or cats. Note that some greyhounds do fine with small dogs but not with cats, so receive a Y/N listing. A "W" listing in either category means that the greyhound, with proper training and supervision such as an experienced greyhound adopter could provide, could learn to live with small dogs or cats. A "Y" listing means that the greyhound with proper supervision initially should adapt quickly to life with small dogs and cats. He may even be living with them now in his foster home. A "?" listing usually means that the dog has not yet been tested.